Season three begins one week after the season two finale when we saw Nancy’s (Kennedy McMann) mystical relative Temperance Hudson return to Horseshoe Bay with a dark agenda. Nancy’s hopes of leaving her hometown for college will be derailed by this mysterious nemesis, and her fate will become entwined with that of her greatest foe yet.


While contending with the escalating supernatural threat from her season-long adversary, our legendary teen detective investigates a series of grisly murders that seem to be sending a message to Nancy herself. Is she being stalked by a human serial killer? Or does the murderer originate from beyond the earthly realm? And how are the killings connected to the Hudson bloodline that Temperance and Nancy both share?


On the trail of the ongoing case, the Drew Crew will team up with Nancy while also grappling with their own challenges: Ned “Nick” Nickerson (Tunji Kasim), a former mechanic turned local businessman, must navigate his burgeoning romance with George Fan (Leah Lewis), whose paranormally shortened lifespan means she only has ten years left to live. Bess Marvin (Maddison Jaizani), having tragically parted with her ghostly soulmate, becomes drawn into the long-lost practices of her occultist ancestors. Ace (Alex Saxon), on a path to figure out his calling in life, realizes that he may have feelings for Nancy – and that he may not be the only person competing for her affection.


At the same time, Nancy’s biological father, former billionaire Ryan Hudson (Riley Smith), and her adoptive father, attorney Carson Drew (Scott Wolf), begin to find a way forward with Nancy as a family, now that she has publicly acknowledged her parentage and vowed to rectify the criminal legacy of the Hudsons. Putting aside their previous conflicts, the two dads work to support Nancy’s headstrong independence and keep her out of harm’s way as best they can. Carson will spark a romance that evolves him both personally and professionally, and Ryan will find himself tempted by his previous life as the morally compromised scion to an empire.


This season’s adventures will bring Nancy and her friends standalone cases, new love interests, and emotional journeys of self-discovery – culminating in a showdown with Temperance, which results in a shattering turn that will profoundly change all of their lives.