Where Do I Find W Network's Full TV Schedule?

To access W Network's full schedule, please visit the Schedule section of our website.

What is the Movie Schedule?

You can keep up to date on our current line-up of blockbuster movies by visiting the Movies section of our website.

Can I Access Content From Outside Canada?

W Network is not currently available outside of Canada and is not affiliated with any other international networks. However, international audiences may use our website resources.

Why Can't I See a Video Online?

Our videos are available to site users in Canada only.

How Can I Enter Contests?

Go to the Contests page, and follow the rules and instructions for the contest you'd like to enter. 

Please note: 
Some of W's contests allow only only one (1) entry per person, per e-mail address, per day. Please check the rules for the particular contest you wish to enter. For the purposes of our contests, one day is defined as 24 hours. Note: If you enter a contest with a rule of one entry per day, you'll need to wait 24 hours before you enter again or your entries won't be valid.

Where Can I Find an Item I Saw on a W Show?

Many of the Canadian Original Productions on W Network provide resource information. You'll find this information in the episode details on our Show Pages.  To get started, pick the show you're interested in from the list on our Shows page.

You can also get the look from many of your favourite W Network shows and movies by visiting the Shop the Show section of our website.

Why Can't I See the Resource Guides?

Most of our resource guides open in a new browser window as PDF documents. You will need the free program Adobe Reader to view or print them, if you don't have it already.

How Do I Find Out About Jobs?

To find out about employment opportunities at Corus Entertainment, please visit www.corusent.com. At this time, Corus Entertainment Inc. does not have a formalized internship program in place.

How Do I Apply to Be on a W Network Show?

Visit the Be on TV of our website for more information regarding shows that are currently seeking participants. Producers typically choose project sites within the Canadian city in which filming is based.

Where Can I Subscribe to W's Email Newsletters?

To subscribe to one or more of W Network's email newsletters, please visit our Newsletters page.