About Women’s Health Collective Canada

W Network is proud to partner with Women’s Health Collective Canada.


Women’s Health Collective Canada (WHCC) is a national alliance founded by three of Canada’s leading women’s health foundations – BC Women’s Health Foundation, Alberta Women’s Health Foundation, and Women’s College Hospital Foundation.


Did you know…

·         70% of patients with “medically unexplained symptoms” are women.

·         51% of all women said they felt a physician had diminished their symptoms.

·         Women who live in low-income and marginalized communities report higher instances of hypertension, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease and substance use challenges.

·         When it comes to getting help, women in these already underserved communities also face stigmatization and other barriers accessing health services or attending appointments.

·         Sometimes cultural or social circumstances make it more challenging for them to speak freely about their health conditions.


Everyone should be an advocate for women’s health and not accept the fact that many health issues faced by women are not well understood.


WHCC is united in:

·         Funding medical research that addresses the needs of women

·         Raising awareness on the gender health gap

·         Dispelling misconceptions about women’s health

·         Broadening the scope and reach of world class women’s health programs

·         Creating higher standards of care for every woman

Visit whcc.ca to learn more and donate.