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About Property Brothers

Property Brothers is the real estate/home-reno show that gets buyers into their dream homes without busting their budget.

The show features twin brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott. Drew's a real estate agent and Jonathan's a contractor—together, they find down-and-out fixer-uppers and turn them into perfect homes for their clients.

In each episode, the journey starts by finding that diamond in the rough. The Scott Brothers know what it takes to turn dilapidated into dreamy, but will the buyers believe in their vision? Through the use of spectacular virtual-reality CGI, Jonathan and Drew help buyers see the potential in two rundown, outdated, ugly homes.

Once the homeowners decide which house is right for them, Drew gets to work on negotiating the purchase. When the deal is done, the transformation begins. Jonathan oversees the renovation, to ensure the homeowners' wish list is achieved within their budget–but, of course, renovations never go as planned. It takes ingenuity and creativity to keep dreams alive and buyers happy. When the dust has settled and the buyers walk through their front door for the final reveal—do they have their dream home? Watch and find out!


Jonathan & Drew Scott

Real estate's dynamic duo, twin brothers Jonathan Scott and Drew Scott have a knack for finding fixer-uppers and turning them into perfect properties for their clients.

Jonathan is a licensed contractor and Drew a seasoned agent, and together they've been personally investing in real estate for nearly 15 years. In 2004, they founded Scott Real Estate Inc., a company that oversees the sales and construction of residential and commercial projects. With offices in Vancouver, Calgary and Las Vegas, the firm now services hundreds of clients and employs dozens of workers.

They are as passionate about performing as they are about properties. Jonathan and Drew have been acting in film and television since they were kids and founded Dividian Production Group in 2002 with their older brother JD. When not spending time on camera, Jonathan is an award-winning illusionist in Las Vegas and Drew focuses his attention directing and producing film. Property Brothers is the perfect blend of both their worlds: real estate and television production.

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