Season 5
Season 6
Sometimes You Just Can't Win
Episode 8 | Season 6

Daphne seeks to establish her career and auditions for a country music singing competition. Scarlett invites Sean to see live music. Avery makes a decision. The band gets invited to perform on late night TV. Will’s choice catches up with him.

Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound
Episode 7 | Season 6

Daphne and Jake perform at school. Deacon and Jessie run into Brad. Alannah’s stage presence grows, creating a division in the band. Gunnar questions his relationship with Alannah. Maddie joins Jonah in Miami, bonds with Twig. Avery visits Juliette.

Beneath Still Waters
Episode 6 | Season 6

Daphne struggles to accept Deacon and Jessie’s relationship. The new edition to the boys’ band becomes a hit. Gunnar falls back into old habits. Scarlett takes an interest in a veteran undergoing equine therapy.

Where the Night Goes
Episode 5 | Season 6

Gunnar, Will and Avery look for a female vocalist to add to their group and Maddie deals with Jonah drama.

That's My Story
Episode 4 | Season 6

Darius helps Juliette unlock a dark truth about her past. Daphne and Jake bond over each other’s dislike of dating parents. Scarlett volunteers at an equine therapy ranch. Gunnar, Will, and Avery struggle to find their sound.

Jump Then Fall
Episode 3 | Season 6

Daphne struggles with the idea of Deacon dating. Juliette introduces Avery to Darius. Maddie and Jonah record a song, but Maddie finds Jonah’s life a little too public. Will learns news about Zach and find ways to enhance his appearance.

Second Chances
Episode 2 | Season 6

Deacon goes on a date with a familiar face. Juliette dives into a self-help movement. Will and Gunnar invite Avery to perform with them. Scarlett is reminded how her career as had a positive influence on fans. Daphne reaches out to Jake.

New Strings
Episode 1 | Season 6

After a public meltdown, Juliette seeks to change her life from an unlikely source. Scarlett and Maddie take a trip. Maddie meets Jonah Ford, a famous pop star. Scarlett struggles to find herself. Will coaches Gunnar. Deacon deals with loneliness.

You Can't Lose Me
Episode 19 | Season 5

Juliette takes great pains to keep Maddie from learning the truth. Deacon considers a new artist for Highway 65. Scarlett’s pregnancy faces complications. Gunnar searches for the mugger.

The Night Before (Life Goes On)
Episode 18 | Season 5

Juliette continues to be plagued by her injuries while Avery gets a taste of independence. Scarlett and Gunnar shoot a national commercial. Deacon plays a benefit for a charity.

Ghost in This House
Episode 17 | Season 5

Scarlett confronts the journalist Mackenzie Rhodes face-to-face. Will shoots a big-time commercial. Deacon feels pressure from the outside to move on from Rayna.

Not Ready To Make Nice
Episode 16 | Season 5

Juliette spars with Avery over Hallie’s sound. Maddie discovers the truth about the origins of the bullying on social media. Scarlett’s pregnancy garners her some unexpected attention.

A Change Would Do You Good
Episode 15 | Season 5

Maddie deals with the fallout from the video of her and the police officer. Deacon and Avery are smitten with Hallie’s special sound. Zach continues to exert his influence on Highway 65.

(Now and Then) There's a Fool Such As I
Episode 14 | Season 5

Maddie and Clay get pulled over by a police officer. Juliette searches for the perfect song to re-launch her career. Damien George returns to Nashville with grand ideas for Scarlett.

'Til I Can Make it on My Own
Episode 13 | Season 5

Juliette experiences anxiety about her upcoming first major performance after the plane crash. Bucky clashes with Zach. Scarlett confronts Damien.

Back in the Saddle Again
Episode 12 | Season 5

Deacon strives to help Daphne pass her history class, but Daphne feels unmotivated. Juliette gives Maddie unsolicited advice about a song. Scarlett and Gunnar return from their tour.

If Tomorrow Never Comes
Episode 9 | Season 5


After her life-changing experience, Rayna scrambles to write one more song for the concept album with Deacon. Juliette’s leg starts to hurt inexplicably. Gunnar fights for Scarlett.

Stand Beside Me
Episode 8 | Season 5

Rayna and Deacon take precautions as Hockney tests the limits of the restraining order. Juliette asks the church choir to work with her on an album. Scarlett finds herself drawn to Damien. 

Episode 7 | Season 5

Rayna and Deacon struggle to write their album. Maddie and Daphne create a disturbance at home. Damien apologizes to Scarlett. Scarlett and Gunnar question their relationship.

A Little Bit Stronger
Episode 6 | Season 5

Rayna and Deacon beef up their home security after Rayna’s encounter with Carl Hockney. Juliette draws closer to her guardian angel Hallie. Avery leaps back into performing.

Love Hurts
Episode 5 | Season 5

The Exes make a music video. Scarlett and the director, Damien George, fight over their differences. Clay and Maddie’s relationship builds. Clay shows Maddie a different part of town.

Leap of Faith
Episode 4 | Season 5

Rayna receives a stunning offer from tech guru Zach Welles regarding Highway 65. An impatient Juliette seeks advanced treatment. Will and Kevin look for an apartment together.