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Love It or List It Vancouver

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Season 1
Season 2
Liza & Shawn
Episode 25 | Season 2

Airline pilot Liza loves her character home's close proximity to the airport, but its cold basement and sectioned-off layout has her husband Shawn at wits' end. Shawn turns to Todd to find them something move-in-ready, in their neighbourhood. But Liza can’t imagine leaving her cute character home and hopes Jillian can warm things up with a new, open-concept layout.

Click here to see the before and after of Liza & Shawn's house.

Kim & Randy
Episode 24 | Season 2

Kim and Randy love their beautiful beach community, but have outgrown their modest bungalow. With a daughter in a wheelchair, Kim knows a more spacious home is only half the challenge, so she turns to Todd for help. But Randy isn’t ready to give up on their family home and hopes Jillian can create more space to convince his wife and two girls to stay.

Click here to see the before and after of Kim & Randy's house.

Michele & Brent
Episode 23 | Season 2

Michele, Brent and their three grown children are fighting for space in their closed-in, dysfunctional home. With their girls constantly bickering over their small bathroom, Brent has had enough and needs Todd to find them a new home with enough space for everyone. Michele is sentimentally attached to the place where she raised her kids and hopes Jillian can transform it into the perfect home where they can create more memories.

Click here to see the before and after of Michele & Brent's house.


Una & Christian
Episode 22 | Season 2

Una and Christian’s cute character home may look good from afar, but its closed-off layout and severe lack of space is far from good. Tired of their two growing girls fighting for space, Christian calls on Todd to find something larger and move-in-ready. Una sees opportunity amongst the chaos, and hopes Jillian can transform their home into an open-concept sanctuary.

Click here to see the before and after of Una & Christian's house.

Barb & Ted
Episode 21 | Season 2

After 22 years, Ted can’t imagine moving from his old family home in the mountains. But wife Barb thinks it’s time for a change now that both their grown daughters plan to live at home while attending university. Can Todd convince Ted that moving to a bigger, better house is in his family’s best interest? Or will Jillian persuade Barb to stay with a renovation that gives everyone their own space?

Click here to see the before and after of Barb & Ted's house.

Gina & Jeff
Episode 20 | Season 2

When Gina and Jeff bought a fixer-upper in a good family neighbourhood 12 years ago, they had big plans to renovate. But more than a decade later, Gina feels it’s a money pit because all they’ve done is repairs. Can Jillian persuade Gina to stay by beautifully finishing their dysfunctional home once and for all? Or will Todd convince Jeff his family is better off buying a more modern, move-in-ready home?

Click here to see the before and after of Gina & Jeff's house.

Eleanor & Dave
Episode 19 | Season 2

Eleanor and Dave love everything about their backyard, from the pool and hot tub to the trees. But inside their house, it’s another story. Overwhelmed with clutter and a dysfunctional layout, Eleanor calls on Todd to find her a move-in ready house with a pool. But Dave sees the potential amongst all the chaos and hopes Jillian can bring order to their living space with a new open-concept layout.

Click here to see the before and after of Eleanor & Dave's house.

Nicole & Tony
Episode 18 | Season 2

Nicole and Tony have a love affair with their water view and the unique rock their house is built on — the problem is the house itself. Tired of the cramped rooms and odd layout, Tony is sure Todd can find them a fantastic house with a stunning view. Nicole can’t imagine leaving their hillside home and hopes Jillian can give them the open concept layout of their dreams.

Click here to see the before and after of Nicole & Tony's house.

Kelly & Steve
Episode 17 | Season 2

When Kelly and Steve bought their first family home, Steve planned on living there for the rest of his life. But now the kids are growing up, wife Kelly thinks they need a bigger, better home. Can Jillian convince Kelly to stay by creating more living space with an open-concept redesign? Or will Todd help Steve overcome his deep-rooted fear of change by finding his family a new forever home?

Click here to see the before and after of Kelly & Steve's house.

Melissa & Josh
Episode 16 | Season 2

It was love at first sight when Josh and Melissa found their cozy cabin in the woods. But three years and one kid later, Melissa’s having second thoughts. Can Jillian convince Melissa to stay by transforming their 100-year-old cabin into a perfectly functional home that could accommodate more kids? Or will Todd convince Josh now is the time to trade their tiny mountain home for a larger house they’ll never outgrow?

Click here to see the before and after of Melissa & Josh's house.

Neena & Jag
Episode 15 | Season 2

When Neena and Jag bought their suburban home in the 1990s, it seemed like the perfect place to raise a young family. But now that they host regular dinners for dozens of nearby relatives, Neena is having second thoughts. Will Jillian convince Neena to love her house again with a major renovation that provides all the entertaining space they need? Or will Todd convince Jag there are happier times ahead in a more spacious family home where they can host their loved ones in style?

Click here to see the before and after of Neena & Jag's house.

Emily & Gary
Episode 14 | Season 2

Emily and Gary’s house is literally falling apart! A disaster renovation resulting in a legal stop-work order has Gary ready to put this nightmare behind him and he needs Todd to find something move-in ready. But wife Emily can’t let go of the home they bought with her grandfather’s inheritance and calls on Jillian to finally finish their renovation.

Click here to see the before and after of Emily and Gary's house.

Shanti & Marcelo
Episode 13 | Season 2

Shanti and Marcelo's blended family has run out of space! Fed up with cramming six people into four bedrooms, Shanti calls on Todd to find a larger, move-in ready home. But Marcelo isn't ready to throw in the towel on his beloved home or beautiful lakeside community. He needs Jillian to create more space, in hopes of convincing his wife to stay.

Violet & Rob
Episode 12 | Season 2

Now they’re retired, Rob and Violet want to enjoy the good life but their multi-level townhouse near the beach makes it tough to entertain. Can Jillian convince Violet to stay with a contemporary redesign that creates better sightlines and ample entertaining space? Or will Todd finally persuade Rob an immaculate new condo with impressive outdoor entertaining space is everything they’ll ever need and more?

Karin & Bruce
Episode 11 | Season 2

Dog lovers, Karin and Bruce enjoy entertaining, but their closed-concept home doesn't allow for it. After 22 years Karin is ready to pack it in and is sure Todd can find something better their exclusive neighbourhood. Bruce isn’t convinced, so he calls on Jillian to transform their boxy home into an entertainer's dream!

Susan & Harvey
Episode 10 | Season 2

When Harvey and Susan bought a charming character house in an exclusive area, Harvey thought it would be their forever home. But now the happy couple is expecting a baby, Susan can’t see how family life fits in a house from the 1930s. Can Jillian persuade Susan to stay by renovating the compartmentalized layout to create more open-concept areas? Or will Todd persuade Harvey it’s time to move with an impressive family home?

Nicola & Michael
Episode 9 | Season 2

Professional racecar driver, Michael, agreed to buy their home with a view because Nicola loved it. But all Michael sees are time-consuming renovations his busy schedule won’t accommodate, and he needs Todd to find something move-in-ready, fast. Nicola believes Jillian can solve their problems with an open-concept layout that will stop Michael in his tracks.

Karen & Sat
Episode 8 | Season 2

Sat hates the layout in his large home, but wife Karen doesn’t want to downsize. Can Jillian convince Sat to stay by creating an open-concept main floor? Or will Todd show Karen she can be happier in a smaller new house?

Amie & Mark
Episode 7 | Season 2

Amie and Mark chose serenity over busy city life two years ago when they bought a mountain home. Nestled in the trees, they see very little sunlight – a detail they weren’t aware of. Amie is tired of living in darkness and enlists the help of Todd; while Mark wants to stay in nature and hopes Jillian will brighten up their family retreat.

Danielle & Trevor
Episode 6 | Season 2

Trevor’s dysfunctional heritage house is driving his wife Danielle crazy. Can Jillian convince Danielle to stay in this compartmentalized character house in the city by renovating the scary basement and creating an open concept main floor? Or will Todd prove to Trevor that it's more important to find true happiness for Danielle and the kids in a larger, custom built home on a spectacular lot.

Kavita & Sanjeev
Episode 5 | Season 2

Kavita and Sanjeev love their upscale neighbourhood, but have outgrown their dated home. With two boys in university and only one functioning bathroom, this family desperately needs more space. Kavita wants to move on, and Todd has a tall order to fill. Sanjeev still loves his house – especially the man-cave – and hopes Jillian can transform it into the perfect family home.

Joyce & Steven
Episode 4 | Season 2

From outside, Joyce and Steven have a big, beautiful home, but inside, it’s a dysfunctional mess. With a tiny kitchen, an oversized entryway, no storage and a huge undeveloped attic, this home needs some serious layout changes. Steven is done and wants Todd to find them something smaller and more functional. Meanwhile, Joyce believes in her home, and hopes Jillian can make use of all the wasted space with a top-to-bottom redesign.

Celine & Kevin
Episode 3 | Season 2

When Celine and Kevin bought their 100 year-old, character home, they were university graduates starting a new life together. Now with two kids, the closed-off layout and the busy street outside make this old home a little less charming. But unwilling to part with its unique character and ideal, if busy location, Celine enlists the help of Jillian, and hopes she can convince Kevin to stay with an open-concept redesign. Meanwhile, Kevin believes Todd can find them a modernized, functional home, in their neighbourhood, that has the heritage charm Celine won’t be able to resist.

Holly & Chester
Episode 2 | Season 2

When Holly and Chester bought his parent’s house eight years ago it was a terrific way to get into the housing market. But now with a new baby and a house that’s rooted firmly in 1970s dysfunction, Chester thinks it’s time to move on. Can Jillian convince Chester to stay by creating the open-concept, modern, functional home of Holly’s dreams? Or will Todd manage to move new mum Holly further into the suburbs by showing her a modern, new home that meets their very limited budget?

Christina & Nick
Episode 1 | Season 2

After having a baby last year, live-in landlords Nick and Christina reclaimed their basement rental suite so they could have more space. But with no interior staircase, their small house still doesn’t suit a single family. Can Jillian convince Nick to stay with an extra special reno that reconnects the separate suites? Or will Todd convince these new parents they’re simply better off buying a new house?

Karen & Mike
Episode 26 | Season 1

Seven years after Karen's handy husband promised to renovate their 70s rancher, nothing has changed. Now that their daughter has moved out, Karen wants to trade their boxy bungalow for a more modern house. Can Jillian make Karen stay by creating a more open and inviting home? Or will Todd convince these empty nesters that they'll have more fun entertaining in a house with a better layout?

Cynthia & Steph
Episode 25 | Season 1

When Steph and Cynthia bought their renovated heritage home, they overlooked the unfortunate lack of storage throughout, in favour of pretty finishings and appealing pool. Having two kids, even more toys, and no time to create storage space, their house soon became a cluttered mess. Steph hopes realtor Todd can help his family escape the clutter with a newer, bigger home. Meanwhile, Cynthia believes designer Jillian can bring order to their chaotic house with a simple, functional design.

Michele & Gary
Episode 24 | Season 1

As a romantic gesture, Gary agreed to move into his new wife's old house. But now that the last of Michele's kids have moved out, Gary feels they should start fresh in a newer home. Can Jillian persuade this retired couple to stay by making the most of this view home and giving Gary his own space? Or will Todd convince Michele there's a better life in a move-in-ready home that makes them both happy?

Angela & Mike
Episode 23 | Season 1

Angela and Mike loved the high ceilings and open concept of this unique home near the beach as soon as they walked through the door. So much that they decided to embrace the 1980s décor. Now Angela’s mom has moved in with them and the kids have to share a room. On top of it, Angela can no longer stand the open concept and lack of privacy for everyone. Not to mention the dated style. She's convinced Todd can find them a lovely home in close proximity to the beach that's open enough for entertaining but closed enough for privacy for everyone. In the meantime, Mike believes Jillian can turn their house into a functioning home and preserve the best of its unique features.

Jane & Steve
Episode 22 | Season 1

Jane and Steve's cramped character house is bulging now that baby boys are teenaged men. Can Todd find Steve his waterfront dream so he will move or will Jillian help Jane stay by updating the house to reflect their new reality?

Veronica & Brendan
Episode 21 | Season 1

When Brendan married Veronica she owned a fine starter home. Twenty-two years and endless renos later, he is now desperate for a home they call "theirs." Can Jillian transform their cluttered basement so Brendan will stay? Or will Todd persuade Veronica that newer is better?

Betty-Lou & Eric
Episode 20 | Season 1

Betty-Lou and Eric loved their urban home when they bought it 22 years ago. While they love having parties in their large kitchen and Tuscan style garden, both agree it's time for this house to be renovated. But Eric, ready to decrease his work and increase his travel, wants to downsize in order to free up some money for the next phase of their lives. Betty-Lou wants Jillian to convince Eric that this home is just the right size by updating it and creating function in spaces that have none. Meanwhile, Eric wants Todd to surprise Betty-Lou with a smaller home she'll fall in love with so deeply, that size won't matter.

Theresa & David
Episode 19 | Season 1

Theresa and David thought they'd bought their forever home when they found this 100 year old character house in the funky part of town. In fact, they loved it so much, they lifted it and created high ceilings in the basement and renovated the ground floor to reflect the original style of the house. But six years later, this family of four is navigating three small bedrooms and a tiny bathroom on the untouched, dilapidated third floor. Tired of an upstairs that's more like a dysfunctional dorm than a family home, Theresa turns to Todd to find them a new home that reflects their architectural style. But David wants Jillian to create more space for the family upstairs and complete their dream home.

Tessa & Jay
Episode 18 | Season 1

Tessa and Jay fell in love with this tiny, old, tired, character house when they were a carefree young couple. They loved its city location. But four kids in six years meant their renovation plans were placed on the back burner. And now this family of six is crammed into only 722 square feet on one floor. Done dealing with one bathroom and three kids sharing a room, Tessa turns to Todd to find them a functional family home big enough for their growing family. Meanwhile, weekend renovator Jay is counting on Jillian to find more space for his family by reworking the kitchen/living room and finishing their basement.

Nicholas & Gordo
Episode 17 | Season 1

Despite their love of entertaining and their modern esthetic, Gordo and Nicholas bought Gordo's childhood home on the slope of a mountain when his elderly parents wanted to downsize. But with a closed off kitchen and little space for entertaining, the outdated family home doesn't work for their active social life. Now Nicholas is hoping Todd can find them a new open-concept house that reflects their love of mountain living. Meanwhile, Gordo wants Jillian to make Nicholas stay by transforming his family home into an entertainer's paradise.

Daniel & Rod
Episode 16 | Season 1

When Rod and Daniel bought this character home 15 years ago, it was the amazing view that sold them. Such an amazing view that it blinded them to the need for extensive renovations. Rod thought he could handle the work but to date, Rod has yet to renovate anything. No longer satisfied with only looking out the window, Daniel needs realtor Todd to find him the house that matches the view. A house with an open-concept chef's kitchen allowing him to prepare and serve traditional Asian meals, in peace and harmony. Meanwhile, Rod hopes designer Jillian can transform their boxy little house into a home worthy of its amazing view!

Linda & Cory
Episode 15 | Season 1

When Linda and Cory bought this mountainside bungalow, they built a basement rental suite to make ends meet. Eleven years later, they've reclaimed the downstairs space for their three kids. But life is chaotic in a house with two kitchens and no playroom for active children so Cory is counting on realtor Todd to find the perfect new house. Meanwhile, Linda hopes designer Jillian can completely reinvent their current home by creating an open concept kitchen with dedicated areas for everyone in their family to enjoy.

Tokiko & James
Episode 14 | Season 1

When James and Tokiko bought this rustic little cabin in the woods, they were more interested in the location than the house. But now with two kids and no free time for major renovations, Tokiko has changed her tune. No longer willing to live with the stress of a makeshift entrance, a cramped kitchen and two squabbling kids sharing a room, Tokiko taps Todd to find them a fully functional family home with a modern kitchen and yoga space. Meanwhile, James hopes Jillian can transform their tiny log house into their forever home with a spectacular space-making renovation.

Paige & Jeff
Episode 13 | Season 1

Sacrificing space for neighbourhood, six years ago Jeff and Paige made the tough decision to pack up their newly renovated family home and move to the beach. Now, with three kids sharing two tiny bedrooms, this family has completely outgrown their un-insulated, old, and crumbling former beach cottage. Fed up, Paige enlists the help of Todd to find her a larger, more functional home even if it means moving beyond their beach neighbourhood. Jeff loves his beloved beach community and refuses to leave. He implores Jillian to create more room, and a suitable layout, that will convince Paige to stay.

Linnea & Mike
Episode 12 | Season 1

Looking to raise their active family in the North Shore mountains, Mike and Linnea bought their home five years ago with the dream of renovating it top-to-bottom. But between Mike's teaching job, coaching and spending all his time outside with the boys, this sporty dad has yet to start any of the renovations inside. Living in a boys' world overrun with sporting equipment, Linnea has no space of her own. She calls on Todd to find a new home that meets their growing needs. Mike enlists Jillian to completely transform their home into the functional space that he and Linnea once dreamed of, in order to make Linnea stay.

Carolyn & Jeff
Episode 11 | Season 1

Carolyn knew Jeff was a procrastinator when she married him. But it wasn't until they bought their home together that she understood how big a procrastinator he is. Eight years after he promised to renovate the main floor it still has the same cramped, dysfunctional kitchen, a too-small, lacking-in-privacy bathroom, a tiny master bedroom and no room for entertaining. Carolyn is fed up and wants Todd to find her a spacious, move-in-ready home in their trendy neighbourhood. Jeff loves his first home and isn't ready to leave. He turns to Jillian to create more working and entertaining space in their kitchen, more room (especially more closet space)in their master bedroom and to bring some much-needed privacy and storage space as well as a soaker tub for Carolyn in the bathroom.

Brian & Teresa
Episode 10 | Season 1

Brian and Teresa are all alone in their spacious home except when their young grandkids visit. Brian loves having all the room for his hobbies and sporting gear and wants to stay; they are minutes from the ski hill and ocean. But Teresa feels the house is cumbersome and only functions as a warehouse for Brian’s equipment. She wants Todd to find them a modern, low-maintenance townhouse with a lovely apartment nearby for her aging parents. But Brian is not ready to be moved into a community-living environment. He wants Jillian to create a townhouse feel for Teresa in their home, with a kitchen and ensuite renovation. And he hopes Jillian will transform the basement suite into a gorgeous garden apartment that Teresa’s parents will love, convincing Teresa to stay.

Robin & Greg
Episode 9 | Season 1

Greg convinced Robin to buy this cold, uninviting home with the promise that he would have it all renovated within a year. Six years of renos and two young children later and Greg is only half way there! The entire lower level of the home is dysfunctional and barely used by the family. Robin runs her own sleep consultancy business from home but doesn't have an organized space to work from, or bring clients to. Robin wants Todd to find her family a beautiful home that is move-in ready. She wants out of the never ending renovations. Greg doesn't want all his hard work to have gone to waste. He turns to Jillian to finish the cold, unforgiving basement to convince Robin to stay.

Franny, Salim, Alyah & Alysha
Episode 8 | Season 1

This house was Franny and Salim's first purchase when they immigrated to Canada. They have raised their three children within its four walls. Now their daughters Alysha and Alyah are grown but still live at home. Not only is the house now too small but its many dysfunctions make everyday living a living hell. Todd will have to find a house with room for everyone, including many guests, in order to convince Franny to leave the home she loves. Jillian will have to renovate the kitchen and bathrooms as well as find new space for Alyah and Alysha if she’s going to convince Salim and his daughters to stay.

Geneva & David
Episode 7 | Season 1

Geneva and David got a great deal on this diamond in the rough when they bought it. They had big plans to turn it into their dream home. But three kids later the basement is all they've had time to renovate. A frustrating main floor layout and no street access has Geneva looking to Todd to find them a spacious, open concept home that will function well for their family of five. Meanwhile, David turns to Jillian to transform the main floor, completing their dream of a comfortable, functioning family home.

Siva & Sinna
Episode 6 | Season 1

For Siva and Sinna family is their first priority. This means accommodating the needs of Sinna's older uncle who lives with them. While some renovations have been done two rooms sit empty as the family tries to meet everyone's needs. Todd will have to find a unique house complete with dance studio and a spice kitchen to convince Siva to leave, while Jillian will have to navigate cultural differences to reconfigure their dysfunctional house and try to persuade Sinna to stay.

Amy & Chris
Episode 5 | Season 1

Chris and Amy quickly became a family of four when Chris' teenaged daughter moved in followed shortly by the birth of baby Meika. After spending a decade perfecting his backyard oasis, Chris has no interest in leaving but Amy can't stand the dysfunctional main floor and wants a better space downstairs for her step-daughter. Todd must find a house with a great yard and central location to convince Chris to leave, while Jillian needs to work her magic to open up the main floor, and create a teen-friendly space in the basement, to convince Amy to stay.

Tracey & Rob
Episode 4 | Season 1

Tracey and Rob have no children, for them their friends are their family. When they bought their small, older house with its beautiful views and great location they imagined renovating it to be a great place to entertain. But years of unfinished renovations and a cramped, dysfunctional main floor are turning their dreams into nightmares. While Tracey still believes that their home holds promise, Rob has had it with this never-ending renovation project. He wants Todd to find a move-in ready house with a Chef's kitchen and designed for entertaining, while Tracey wants Jillian to finish the renovations and create a stunning kitchen that will persuade Rob that this is still the home of their dreams.

Kelly & Lorn
Episode 3 | Season 1

Lorn, Kelly and their two daughters crammed into the main floor of their 900 square foot house which is bursting at the seams. With a short commute to work and all the needed amenities nearby, Lorn is in love with his neighbourhood. But Kelly wants more space to entertain their large extended family and for her growing girls to have separate bedrooms. It's up to Todd to lure Lorn to a new neighbourhood by showing him large, beautiful houses that more than meet their growing needs. Jillian will have to find the space for an extra bedroom, a guest bedroom and space for entertaining in order to convince them to stay.

Melinda & Mike
Episode 2 | Season 1

This spacious house was Mike's childhood home and Melinda still loves the spacious rooms and its great location in one of the most desirable neighbourhoods in Canada. But all Mike sees is the worn, tired 1970's décor and endless renovations as Melinda tries to make this tired house a fresh and functioning home for a new generation. Melinda wants Jillian to transform their bathrooms, kitchen and family room with an ultra-modern renovation that will completely erase Mike's memories while Mike wants Todd to find a perfect, move-in ready home where he and Melinda and their two children can create a new history.

Michelle & Brandon
Episode 1 | Season 1

Brandon and Michelle consider their next door neighbours their family. After completing multiple renos with the intention to flip their house, Brandon is ready to sell and move on to his next project. But with baby #2 on the way and Michelle’s attachment to her neighborhood, she doesn't want to budge. It's up to Todd to find a new house that'll persuade this sentimental mom-to-be to move, while Jillian needs to find enough untapped potential in their current house, create a home office and enough room for the kids, to convince them to stay.