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About Love It or List It Vancouver

W Network's hit series, Love It or List It is moving west! The Vancouver spin-off showcases families who are struggling with homes that no longer suit their needs. Whether they've outgrown the home they once loved or the luster has worn off, homeowners are faced with the dilemma of whether they should love it or list it. The west-coast cast features interior designer Jillian Harris (formerly of The Bachelorette Season V, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition) pitted against West Coast realtor Todd Talbot.

It's up to Jillian to revive that love and put a stop to the wandering eyes of our homeowners by delivering a show-stopping renovation. Meanwhile, Todd is determined to get homeowners to relocate by dangling temptation right in front of them with dreamy homes on the market. Every episode takes viewers on an emotional rollercoaster as Jillian and Todd implement their plans to battle it out for the homeowners’ allegiance. The stakes are high as guests weigh the financial and emotional decisions of buying a new home or staying in the renovated one—will they love it enough to stay or is it time to list?


Jillian Harris

Jillian Harris first charmed audiences with her irrepressible humour and emotional honesty on ABC's The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. Now she has her chance to share her wealth of experience in the design industry as co-host of Love it or List it Vancouver. Having previously hosted Canada's Handyman Challenge and working as a designer on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, the show is a natural fit for Jillian.

Growing up in the picturesque Peace River Valley in Alberta was a catalyst for Jillian’s creativity and vivacious character. A self-proclaimed 'polished redneck', she's not afraid to get her hands dirty or climb a ladder with heels on. In design and daily life, she carefully combines elements of city and country, low brow and high class. From ATVing and campfires to perusing the shops of the Merchandise Mart for design trends, Jillian’s motto about 'doing it all' rings true. 

While this lifestyle makes her the quintessential 'busy bee,'  those close to Jillian would say her passion to make others happy is the highlight to her multi-faceted personality. 

Outside of her work in television, Jillian jets between the U.S. and Canada to run her firm Jillian Harris Design, pours her heart and soul into her website and prides herself at always putting family and personal life first. She loves traveling, hosting dinners at her home in Kelowna, taking in fine fashion and, of course, cuisine.

Follow Jillian Harris on Twitter @JillianHarris, on Instagram @jillianharrisdesign, on Facebook, and on Pinterest.

Todd Talbot

In Love It or List It Vancouver, co-host Todd Talbot is best known for his real estate savvy, keen sense of style and quick wit. A native of Vancouver, this is Todd’s latest venture in a long and diversified journey that has brought together his passion for real estate, investing, renovations and design, as well as film, television and live theatre performance.

A real estate entrepreneur at a young age, Todd has owned and renovated multiple properties. He has also created and operated several real estate companies in marketing, design and staging and has worked with many clients to buy and sell homes. His other calling as a performer came when he was a teenager with a starring role on the hit TV series Fifteen. A veteran of the Canadian theatre community for more than two decades, he has starred in dozens of award-winning productions, a path that helped set the stage for his latest role as TV personality.

With his many accomplishments and interests, Todd is never happier than with his family or when he has been tasked with renovating or building his next project. Recently, he launched a new website,, where he takes visitors on a journey through his own home renovation and offers a behind the scenes glimpse into his life both on and off the screen.

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