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Down to the Wire
Episode 9 | Season 3

MP cheers Brandon on as he hits the ice with his new German teammates.  It’s a turning point in their relationship that will change the course of their future. With the race to the playoffs heating up, Catherine plans a very special family day in Pittsburgh. In Philadelphia, Erica’s kids receive the surprise of a lifetime. After an emotionally draining few weeks, Martine heads to Napa Valley where she faces some tough love from Jessie, her closest hockey wife friend.  

On Thin Ice
Episode 8 | Season 3

MP travels to Germany to start planning her future with Brandon, but what she discovers puts their relationship in jeopardy.   Missing their dad, the kids struggle to adjust to life in Philadelphia and Erica questions how much longer they can live apart from Jamie.  As she prepares for the launch of her kid’s clothing line, Catherine worries whether people will take her project seriously.  Only ten days after giving birth to Jackson, Jon departs for Russia.  Will Emilie be able to handle being both Mom and Dad to their son or will she crumble under the pressure?

Home for the Holidays
Episode 7 | Season 3

It’s a very special holiday for Catherine, Kris and Alex as they welcome a cuddly new member to their family.  Martine heads to Montreal to celebrate an early Christmas with family, but back in San Jose her world comes crushing to a halt when the love of her life is injured.  Erica returns to Philadelphia so that the kids can experience a traditional North American Christmas, but it’s a bittersweet holiday. After a grueling labour Emilie gives birth to a beautiful baby boy, but her joy is short-lived.   

Between the Pipes
Episode 6 | Season 3

Just when things were looking good for MP and Brandon, they face another firestorm that could put wedding planning on hold, indefinitely.  In the final days of her pregnancy tensions are high between Emilie and Jon, while Erica and the kids have an emotional reunion with Jamie in Austria.  In San Jose, Martine is back in full “unofficial manager” mode, but it’s not all fun and games. 

From Russia With Love
Episode 5 | Season 3

Emilie heads to Russia to share the final moments of her pregnancy with Jon. But, devastating news crushes her dreams of a romantic reunion.  MP and Brandon’s relationship is finally back on track, but where will they call home? Toronto or Montreal? Catherine is in Montreal for the first fitting of her clothing line but things don’t work out quite as planned. Meanwhile, Martine finds herself torn should between staying in Quebec or going to San Jose to be with Marc. 

Make or Break
Episode 4 | Season 3
After a month apart, Brandon and MP faceoff in NYC. With a relationship on the line, it’s do or die. Emile faces harsh criticism at her baby shower back home in Chicago, while Vanessa shocks her sister with some unexpected news. 

The Puck Stops Here
Episode 3 | Season 3

The puck drops, and a new NHL season begins.  But with a new season, comes new stresses.  Catherine tends to Kris’s injury, while Erica folds to the pressures of the hockey world.  Martine and Marc are hungry for the cup, but Martine has her sights set on other trophies.  MP and Brandon are at odds as he skates with the Leafs without a contract.  Their relationship is put to the test, to weather this hockey storm.  

On Top Of The World
Episode 2 | Season 3

After a devastating loss in the Stanley Cup final, Martine and Marc are more determined than ever to bring home a cup – a World Cup.  Emile and Jon share an emotional goodbye as he returns to Russia for another season, while Vanessa and David gear up to move back to St. Louis.  MP cheers on Brandon as he survives cut after cut during his tryout with the Toronto Maple Leafs.  A contract and a bright future are theirs for the taking, until it all comes crashing down.

We Are The Champions
Episode 1 | Season 3

After a grueling Stanley Cup final, the Penguins trump the San Jose Sharks.  Kris and Catherine celebrate in style, while Marc and Martine return to Quebec to lick their wounds, and get ready for World Cup.  In Philadelphia, Erica tries to find balance between work and raising three kids while Jamie plays in Austria.  After a difficult summer, MP takes time from her red-hot career to support Brandon as he tries everything he can to land an NHL contract.

Off-Ice Goals
Episode 16 | Season 2

Martine and Jonathan face trade rumours head on, Tiffany celebrates the twins 4th birthday. Maripier and Brandon talk about their future and Taylor receives some shocking news.

Home Is Where The Hockey Is
Episode 15 | Season 2

Martine, Taylor, Rhianna, and Kodette head to Laguna Beach to throw a baby shower for Angela. Maripier is offered a gig that may affect her time with Brandon and Ashley and David return from Russia and check out their new home in Kelowna.

Pucks and Palm Trees
Episode 14 | Season 2
Noureen and her sisters head to Palm Springs, while Kodette throws her first charity event for the Phantoms. Taylor bares her soul at a hockey event and Maripier gets some devastating news.


Episode 13 | Season 2
It’s a girls trip to Mexico for Martine, Taylor and Keshia, while Maripier visits Brandon in Vancouver and makes a huge decision. Kodette prepares Ryder to watch a Phantoms game and Noureen is on the nanny hunt


Home For The Holidays
Episode 12 | Season 2

Paige and Ryan try to take the perfect family Christmas photo, while Kodette and Jason argue over a tiny tree in Allentown. Maripier wraps up her last gig in Montreal, and Martine and Taylor head home for the holidays.

Back To Basics
Episode 11 | Season 2

Maripier and Brandon get sexy for the cover of a magazine and Paige and Tiffany come to town for a girls’ night with Noureen. Angela kicks off the holidays in Montreal, while Martine feels helpless over Jonathan’s struggling game.

Episode 9 | Season 2
MP is too busy to visit an injured Brandon in Vancouver, Paige takes care of Ryan after his surprise appendix surgery, while Ashley and David Booth pack up for Russia so he can play with the KHL.
Family Face-Off
Episode 8 | Season 2

Tiffany and George bring the twins back to Wisconsin for a family reunion, while Noureen’s role as a stay at home mom in Vancouver has her wanting to return to work in LA. MP jets off to Vancouver for an intimate reunion with Brandon.

Home Sweet Home Opener
Episode 7 | Season 2

Still unsigned for the new season, Ashley and David Booth’s future is left hanging in the balance. Martine is finally planning her wedding - on her own - while Kodette fights the nerves of trying to fit into a new wives room at Jason’s Home Opener.  

The Long Goodbye
Episode 6 | Season 2

Maripier and Brandon squeeze every last moment out of the off-season before he heads across the country to Vancouver - without her. Angela and Carey Price take off for their annual white-water rafting trip and share a big secret with their friends and family. 

The Off-Ice Plays
Episode 5 | Season 2

As the Summer winds down, Brandon's departure approaches and MP braces for his absence. And Kodette brings Tiffany to tears during a charity golf tournament before she says so long to Calgary

Let The Good Times Roll
Episode 4 | Season 2

The offseason means players and wives indulge in everything put on the back burner during the season: the Calgary Stampede for Kodette, a trip home to Saskatchewan for the Getzlafs and a gorgeous wedding for Taylor and Dan Winnik!

Free Agent Frenzy
Episode 3 | Season 2

It's Free Agency day. Jason and Kodette are desperately waiting for a call from his agent, hoping to land a new contract. Brandon gets news that changes life dramatically and Keisha gives MP advice she doesn’t want to hear. 

Hockey's Out For The Summer
Episode 2 | Season 2

With the hockey season officially over, the wives fly to Vegas for the league’s big awards night.  The wives hang out Vegas-style, trying their luck at the craps table before Angela sees her husband snap up four prestigious awards. While there, the Getzlafs and Parros’ hit the racetrack, clashing in a high octane showdown. In Montreal, Jonathan tests his construction skills, while Martine heads back to Toronto to take on a new promising career challenge. Up north in Michigan, Ashley and David live out of their suitcases with his family while trying to determine what their future will hold once he becomes a free agent. Life is still but a dream in Italy for Brandon and MP on their romantic Mediterranean vacation until they suddenly receive unexpected news that causes their post-engagement bliss to come crashing down…


Still In The Game
Episode 1 | Season 2

As the playoffs wrap up, life off the ice heats up.  Celebrating their engagement, MP and Brandon indulge in a sun-drenched Italian vacation. Back in Montreal, Angela and Carey Price meet up with Rhianna and Mike Weaver for some post season fun before flying west to BC for the summer. In LA, Noureen confides her struggles with new motherhood to Tiffany, while Kodette cheers Jason and Anaheim one round closer to the Cup.


Pop Ups and Power Plays
Episode 8 | Season 1

Fancy friends, journalists, industry insiders, hockey buddies, and dazzling fashionistas are gearing up for the It event of the weekend. Tiffany and George are coming to Toronto to showcase their lines at a pop-up party in one of the hottest shops in the city. For now, the Parros future is strongest in fashion, so they’re going at it hard. Still, George is scheduled to do some hockey commentating for Sportsnet while he’s in T.O., so maybe the future is there as well. For now, Tiffany’s ignoring the future to focus on a closet full of shoes… Tiff’s pal, Barbie Blank (pro wrestler "Kelly Kelly" and wealthy WAG fiance of Sheldon Souray), needs help reorganizing her designer shoe closet and Tiffany could use the meditation… 

Noureen is ready to pop and, as they say in LA, sh#t’s getting real. The birthing class that she and Ryan are taking has got her concerned about what comes next. Noureen's coach is trying to prepare her for the pain of childbirth and, after 20 seconds, she’s tapping out. Noureen does not do pain. Still, when her water breaks, pain is the last thing on her mind. Welcome, Baby Miller.

Maripier's agent is encouraging her to expand into the English-language market, and MP likes the idea. It means more job security in the event Brandon gets traded. So, while she’s supporting Tiffany’s Plain Threads pop-up in Toronto, she agrees to do an English radio interview for practice. However, when the interviewer only wants to talk about Brandon, MP’s reminded that breaking into the English market on her own terms is going to take some work.

For MP, everything’s feeling a little up in the air, and when she and Tiff, Kodette and Brijet get together for some friendly axe throwing in Toronto, it becomes clear Tiff’s got an axe to grind about her relationship with Brandon.

Emilie and Jon are also in town, with Jon playing a night in Toronto. They’re happy to have a chance to support Tiff and George, and Jon and George spend some time catching up. Jon’s focused on his future too, wondering aloud about playing in Europe. For the first time, Emilie’s putting her foot down. She gave up her dreams in the military to support Jon’s dream of pro hockey in America. Europe is not where she wants to raise a family. Jon and Emilie are accustomed to uncertainty – it’s brought them closer together. For the first time, they’re up against something that could truly tear them apart.  For now, though, it’s party time.

Love & Loathing in LA
Episode 6 | Season 1

Brijet is hosting a big party in LA for her website, Obsessions of a Hockey Wife, and everyone’s invited. Of course, not everyone’s in the mood to party… 

As Tiffany boards the plane to LA, George is announcing his retirement. It’s news that will rock Tiffany’s world, and given the city’s obsession with hockey, LA is the last place she wants to be. Tiffany’s got her guard up and is in no mood for a pity party.  

Of course, maybe business will distract her. Maripier and Martine are flying in for a Plain Threads photo shoot. Martine’s feeling uneasy, leaving her newborn for the first time, and Maripier’s feeling farther from motherhood than ever. MP’s nervous about her “girlfriend” status in the run up to the wives’ party, and Tiffany’s setting the record straight regarding her relationship with Brandon.

All of the women are struggling with uncertainty. Emilie is working to grow her photography business, embracing the hockey wives as a promising client base, and Kodette’s glad to be in LA with the women who understand her best. Nicole’s working overtime to manage a mansion build alongside the stress of the season, and Noureen is wrapping up her life in LA as she prepares for her move and the role of a lifetime… 

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Relationship On Ice
Episode 5 | Season 1

Days after packing up her life and moving to Vegas, Tiffany’s hopping on a plane to Montreal. Maripier is in serious need of a reality check, and Tiffany’s determined to help get her priorities with Brandon in check.    

Meanwhile, Nicole’s en route to Vegas for a hockey tournament and a much-needed break. Dustin’s coming along as the “coach”, but he seems less interested in the team and more interested in the fans asking for autographs. Looks like the ladies on the ice will have to go it alone…   

Emilie’s at Jon’s game to participate in a military charity event, and it’s got her thinking about the future. After connecting with fellow veterans, she has questions for Jon about their life together – will it include kids, more military for Emily, or perhaps giving up the NHL altogether? It’s time to make the tough decisions. 

And Kodette and the boys are getting Jason back for the night, while the Ducks play the Flames. Kodette’s delighted, but it means Jason won’t even be able to stay the night. Kodette’s feeling overwhelmed and is working hard to hold it together. Jason comes home to cold meatloaf for dinner… not quite the welcome home he was expecting. Can the two re-connect with such a short visit?

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Stickhandling the Future
Episode 4 | Season 1

The NHL season’s in full swing and the women are finding their feet as life catches up. 

Tiffany and George are sticking to the plan, packing up, and moving to Vegas – into a house they haven’t even seen. In the midst of all the madness and stress, Tiffany jams in a planned trip to Scottsdale for a little face time with her ladies, Kodette and Brijet. 

Maripier is managing a serious bout of nerves as she prepares to host her first event in English. It’s a fundraising gala that Brandon and his teammates will attend, and MP’s stress is overshadowing the whole event. As it draws closer and she and Brandon start to quarrel, MP starts to question whether she’ll be able to get her emotions under control.  

Meanwhile, emotions are running high in Noureen’s hometown. The starlet is coming home, back to her small Georgia town, where her mother is throwing the Indian baby shower of the century. Noureen’s looking for a small family affair – a chance to re-connect with her two sisters, her parents and her best childhood friend. Of course, the forty “aunties” she’s not seen in years are just forty of many surprises...   

Across the land in Arizona, Tiffany’s finally meeting Ray. It’s quickly made clear that he’s not as eager to embrace potential retirement as George. As tensions mount, Kodette looks to ease the mood with the chaos of her two little boys. 

For the Hockey Wives and Girlfriends, these may be the moments that count, but man could they all use a break.

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The Breakout Play
Episode 3 | Season 1

Desperate to escape the LA gossip, Tiffany hits the road to house hunt in Vegas. The clock’s ticking on her moving date and, if something doesn’t change soon, she and George will be homeless by month’s end. 

Emilie’s also on the move. Jon’s been sent down to the AHL, after failing to secure a spot on the Minnesota roster.  It’s 4 am, and they’re on their way back to Iowa. As she moves them into a hotel, Emilie does her best to keep a brave face.   

Noureen continues to be non-stop in Hollywood, working to find time for Ryan before their baby is born! When the game schedule lands him in LA, Noureen uses the opportunity to give Ryan a crash course in fatherhood.  

While Noureen and Ryan adjust to the idea of parenting, Martine is happy to be getting a break. After months spent at home as a full time mom, she’s slowly returning to work. Still, she’s worried sick about leaving her newborn with a sitter. And, she’s also anxious about her figure. Not yet back to her pre-baby weight, Martine’s uncertain her modeling career can rebound.

Of course, while Martine is thinking about lingerie, Nicole is consumed by a very different kind of costume. This is her first Halloween with four kids and no husband at home, and she is treading water. Dustin’s having a hard time on the road, missing his family and struggling with loneliness. While she may be coveted the Captain’s wife, Nicole is ready to throw in the towel for a simple 9-5 life with her man.

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Home Fire Burnout
Episode 2 | Season 1

While most of the women complain of loneliness, Brijet Whitney hasn’t seen this much of her husband in 23 years. Ray’s now a free agent weighing the option of retirement. Brijet’s very aware of the divorce statistics, which skyrocket after retirement. She’s determined to beat the odds, but truth be told, it’s been a long time since they really had a life together. 

Meanwhile, Kodette adjusts to single motherhood in Calgary, while her husband, Jason LaBarbera, starts his season in the US. Having chosen to raise their autistic son in Canada, Kodette’s feeling the isolation of this decision and two months and counting feels like a long time to be a family apart.  

Martine Forget has given up a jet setting career as a lingerie model to settle in Toronto with her fiancé, Leafs Goaltender Jonathan Bernier, and their infant son. She’s having trouble with her post-birth body, wondering if she’ll ever reclaim her career.   

Maripier is working overtime to keep it together. Her star’s on a meteoric rise in Montreal and she can barely keep up with the pace. Meanwhile, pregnant Noureen is shooting Anger Management in L.A. She’s starting to realize that much of her first pregnancy is going to be spent away from her man she loves. For two people in the white hot years of their lives, the hardest thing to manage is their schedule.

The season’s in full swing and these ladies are taking one for the team with a whole lot of tears and tequila.  

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Married To The Game
Episode 1 | Season 1

We meet the majority of the cast as these wives and girlfriends adjust to their new lives as temporarily single women. Envied by a continent, they all struggle to stay afloat amidst high profile careers, demanding kids, lonely partners, and, occasionally, gripping insecurity.

As each woman navigates a different reality, they look to each other for support – the group of women that truly understands what it is to live with the threat of a trade, the daily uncertainty of injury, and the painful realities of skating past your prime. 

Nicole Brown, Veteran WAG and Captain’s wife, throws a dinner for the girls, which gets a little tense. Tiffany Parros is tired of the pity she gets when people find out George isn't playing, so she brings along actress, Noureen DeWulf, to shock the ladies with news of her recent Playboy pregnancy shoot. 

In Montreal, Maripier Morin hosts a high-powered red carpet for the Habs season opener, while her enforcer boyfriend, Brandon, gets his head back in the game. And Brijet Whitney, who’s been through it all before, consoles Emilie Blum as her husband, Jon, fights hard to stay in the league.

We’re outside the rink and deep into the lives of these women as we begin to understand, truly, what it means to be married to the game.

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