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Vanessa Vandal

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March 16, 2017



Girlfriend of David Perron, St. Louis Blues (NHL) 

This season will see Vanessa and David’s relationship loop back to where it began.

Having met during the lockout, their first year of courtship was in St. Louis. After 4 trades in 4 years, they are back, and David couldn’t be more thrilled to be amongst his hockey family with the Blues, while Vanessa will once again have to walk into the wives room as the new girl. All the friends she made while she was in St. Louis the first time have since been traded elsewhere.

With little baby Mason in tow, Vanessa’s goal for the season is to finish her Interior Design schooling and start to build her portfolio, planning for one big job while she’s still in St. Louis. Less than a week after returning to St. Louis, she is back to school while trying to settle into a city in which she knows no one. She’ll have to reach out to close friends, including fellow hockey wife Catherina LaFlamme for support in the process, and also reach out to the wives in town for both a friendship community and also as potential clients.

She and David are also thinking ahead to expanding their family…Will she be able to balance finishing her degree while taking care of Mason? Will a wrench be further thrown into her plans if she gets pregnant with baby number 2?


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