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Martine Auclair Vlasic

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March 16, 2017



Married to Marc-Edouard Vlasic, San Jose Sharks (NHL) 

Martine and Marc are notorious in the hockey world for the extravagant way they cater to their three babies… dog babies that is.From two retro-­‐fitted properties that cater to their needs, to transportation from Quebec City to San Jose in a private jet, his teammates joke they wish they had the life of the “Vlasic Girls”.

Aside from being a doting dog mom, Martine also acts as her husband’s manager, coordinating all of his press interviews and appearances, and ensuring that he remains connected to his fans. It is a point of pride that you can’t find a Vlasic jersey in San Jose that isn’t signed, and that is thanks to Martine, who actively keeps him connected to the community and finds opportunities for him to give back.

This season she is organizing a massive Quebec City to Montreal road trip for friends and family when Marc is in town playing, as it is important for her that she keeps her community connected. In addition to the big Quebec road trip, her and Marc’s love of dogs has motivated them to partner with the San Jose animal rescue, and this season Martine will be rallying both the wives, including good friend Jessie Braun, as well as the players for a splashy fund-­‐raising event to bring the community together.

Aside from managing the ins and outs of Marc’s off ice commitments, Martine is also trying to get pregnant with her first child. Having struggled to do so last season, will she be able to? In truth, she is fed up with the pressure she faces from other wives and families in the community. Hockey in some ways has been “watching players kids open presents at the Christmas part for 10 years”… She is not sure she is even ready for a baby, but in the family oriented hockey world, sometimes she feels like she is bombarded with pressure to start a family.

For her and Marc, the goal they really want is the Cup. San Jose was closer last year than ever before, and as one of the essential goals every player hopes to achieve in their career, there has never been a better season to see that dream realized. A win with Team Canada in this year’s World Cup of Hockey to kick off the season is the right foot Martine and Marc hope to start on…but will the maple leaf be victorious?


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