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Maripier Morin

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March 16, 2017



Engaged to Brandon Prust, DEL (Germany)

In Season 1, viewers watched as Maripier Morin dreamt big, set goals for her professional career, and achieved them one by one.

All along, her successful Canadiens winger boyfriend Brandon Prust supported and encouraged her, even if he seemed unsure he wanted to commit in the traditional sense. It all appeared to be coming together exactly as she planned when her professional and personal life reached new highs—she booked her first solo-­‐hosting show, and received a proposal from Brandon at the start of Season 2. It all came crashing down soon after however, with Brandon’s trade, his subsequent injury and the cancellation of her show, derailing all the stability she had created. While Maripier bounced back and kept on her career trajectory onward and upward, Brandon’s stalled and then started to fall apart, until what she thought was impossible only a year before happened…her career completely eclipsed his.

Now an in-­‐demand household name, Maripier has clinched several high-­‐paying beauty and fashion sponsorship deals, expanded her collaborations, and has finished a successful first season of her first namesake talk show “Maripier”, which aired on a men’s network, demonstrating her reach beyond her core market. With all this success, she is facing a new problem— brands and broadcasters are trying to box her into categories, and she doesn’t want those limitations. She wants to move between being a TV host, influencer, and ambassador, doing things her way. She believes she is her unique own brand and will be launching a website to help establish her brand Internationally. With all her success, she’s even caught the eye of a producer in France interested in broadening her reach even further abroad.

With Brandon and Maripier’s complete role reversal, she is now the one offering support and encouragement. Having postponed any potential wedding date until Brandon knows what will happen to his career, there are a lot of stakes wrapped up in Brandon’s professional prospects. It remains to be seen if he is picked up by the Leafs during his Professional Try Out, and if he doesn’t, where will he go? Europe? Russia? Will their relationship last? Will there ever be a wedding?




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