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Erica Lundmark

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March 16, 2017



Married to Jamie Lundmark, EC KAC (Austria) 

A true connector amongst the community of hockey wives and the larger community of player wives in Philadelphia, Erica Lundmark is also the owner of an impressive real estate business, with sales she expects to double this coming year. She is a go-­to for players and their families looking for residences in the area.

The mother of 3 children, she shuttles them to all their acting, and hockey lessons while running her business without hired help. She does this all on her own for over half of the year, as her husband Jamie plays overseas in Austria. She has been living this overwhelming balancing act for nearly 5 years since Jamie made the jump to Europe, and she is starting to see the affects of it on her growing children, who struggle when their father leaves.

Teetering on the edge of order and chaos, she is concerned her professional ambitions at times prevent her from being the best she can at home, especially when she doesn’t have the ready support of her husband close by. While he’s away she does the best she can with the support of her family, neighbours, and fellow hockey families such as the Weisse’s— Lauren and Dale, whose house she arranged when they were traded to the Flyers. What drives her however, is knowing that soon Jamie’s playing career will come to an end and she will be the sole bread winner— a reality that puts a lot of pressure on her to succeed.

This is a big year for her business as she has set her sights on scaling it up considerably, while still planning on visiting Jamie in Austria with the kids since it is a priority for her to keep her family together as much as possible. Proving you can have it all is no easy task, and an ongoing process Erica takes day by day, but will setting her sights on doubling her business be the straw that breaks the camel’s back?


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