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Emilie Blum

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March 16, 2017



Married to Jonathan Blum, Vladivostok Admirals (KHL) 

Viewers haven’t seen Emilie since the end of Season 1, when she tearfully confessed she wasn’t sure she would ever feel comfortable living abroad if Jonathan gave up on the NHL, and that it wasn’t what she had signed up for when she married him.

A year and a half later however, a lot has changed. After Jonathan signed with the KHL Russian League, she faced her fear, and in her own words “it was the best thing that could have happened”. Jonathan’s career has blossomed in the KHL— the NHL’s rival league, with larger rinks, more flair to the game, and opportunity to develop a personal style. Jon has come into his own taking a leadership role on his team and appearing in the All Star game, and she has begun to find her own identity, pursuing her passion for rescuing animals both at home and abroad.

They are closer and more confident in their relationship as they’ve ever been. Further still, even though his hockey community is on the other side of the globe in Russia, Emilie has been able to integrate herself into the community more there than while he was back and forth on a two-­‐way contract in the NHL. Now that she and Jon are expecting their first child however, the reality of her spending the first months of motherhood alone are really hitting her. If all goes according to plan, he will be present for the birth and a few days afterward just before Christmas, but before then she will need to prepare all on her own, and visit him in Russia to spend their last moments exploring the city just the two of them until the last possible moment she can travel.

Once she returns from her last Russian adventure, she must endure all the walls in her house being removed for an emergency pipe replacement. But, if things don’t go according to plan, she may be all alone for the birth, relying on a local friend, or worse, she may be abroad in transit. If she has a C-­‐section, she will struggle physically after the birth, and with her parents in Chicago and her husband in Russia, she has no idea how she’ll manage.

Stakes are high for this mom to be, and now that it’s all coming so quickly, she has no choice but to get through it.


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