Good Witch
Good Witch
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Without Magic for a Spell
Episode 2 | Season 3

The Middleton Merriwick is still not in bloom, and the effects are being felt around town; an old friend and colleague of Abigail’s checks into Grey House claiming to want a relationship; with help from Cassie, Ben stumbles upon the old Middleton Theater and is motivated to get the place running again.

A Budding Romance
Episode 1 | Season 3

The whole town anxiously awaits the impending blooming of the Middleton Merriwick, but when the plant is cut, it has a dramatic impact upon the Merriwick women; Grace begins to suspect Nick is going to ask her out.

A Perfect Match Pt.2
Episode 22 | Season 2

Cassie and Sam’s dinner to share their relationship status doesn’t end well, Tara goes behind Brandon’s back and Sam is nowhere to be found for the Middleton Lights Festival.

A Perfect Match
Episode 21 | Season 2

The town plans for The Middleton Lights Festival, Cassie and Sam experience an unexpected change in their relationship and Nick accuses Grace of being afraid to leave Middleton.

Episode 20 | Season 2

John invites Cassie to his dig in the Maldives, Sam takes a look into the guest who claims to be seeing ghosts at Grey House, and the town pulls together to have a beautiful anniversary for Martha. 

What's your Secret?
Episode 19 | Season 2

Cassie spends a lot of time with both John and Sam, a new guest claims to have seen a ghost at Grey House and Hillcrest hospital tries to recruit Sam. 

Episode 18 | Season 2

Grace has to work some magic after running into trouble at the office while Sam and Cassie enjoy some time together as friends but they both might be looking for something more. 

Surprise Me
Episode 17 | Season 2

A new Grey House guest gets caught up in debt, Nick looks to study abroad and Sam tries to win Cassie’s heart with a big romantic gesture. 

The Trouble with Love
Episode 16 | Season 2

Cassie realizes that Grace looks to Sam as a father figure, Linda moves in for Nick’s sake and things take a turn for the worse for Stephanie.  

Out of the Past
Episode 15 | Season 2

Cassie uses her magic to help out a stranger, Brandon and Tara have second thoughts about having a baby and Stephanie hides Ben from her mother who pays an unexpected visit. 

Episode 14 | Season 2

Cassie catches up with an old friend, Sam agrees to teach Grace how to drive and John arrives looking for more than a friendship.  

Second Time Around
Episode 13 | Season 2

Sam’s ex-wife gets in the way of him and Cassie, Grace is anxious about her driver’s test and a young couple looks to get married at Grey House. 

True Colours
Episode 10 | Season 1

Cassie fights to keep her beloved Bell, Book and Candle store, while working her magic to help Sam deal with his ex-wife Linda and keep custody of his son Nick.

Episode 9 | Season 1

While Cassie faces the possibility that she might lose the Bell, Book and Candle, she does what she can to help Sam as he deals with an unexpected visit from his ex-wife Linda.

Together We Stand
Episode 8 | Season 1

With Middleton in the throws of a winter storm, Cassie and Sam must work together to deal with a medical emergency, while Grace and her friends confront truths while trapped inside the library.

The Storm
Episode 7 | Season 1

As Middleton prepares for an incoming ice storm, Cassie helps a couple who become stranded at Grey House.

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The Truth About Lies
Episode 6 | Season 1

After Abigail's disrupting things in Middleton, Cassie and Grace come to surprising realizations about thier own lives.

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All In The Family
Episode 5 | Season 1

Cassie's cousin Abigail unexpectedly arrives in Middleton, causing complications in everyone's life - especially Grace, who quickly takes to Abigail's charm.

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Do The Right Thing
Episode 4 | Season 1

A last minute change in venue sees the Heritage Ball taking place at Grey House, where Cassie and Grace musat work their magic to help connect the people that need to be together.

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Running Scared
Episode 3 | Season 1

As Middleton prepares for the annual Heritage Ball and 10K Run, Cassie must help a mysterious guest at Grey House who appears to be hiding secrets from her past.

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Apologies And Remembrances
Episode 2 | Season 1

As Cassie continues to be at odds with Sam, Grace experiences trouble with Nick Samuels when she is blamed for stealing her school’s mascot.

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Starting Over... Again
Episode 1 | Season 1

Cassie and Grace Nightingale do their best to welcome their new neighbors, but when they are met with resistance, they must use a bit of magic to help them embrace life in Middleton.

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