Game of Homes
Game of Homes
Game of Homes
Season 2
Episode 5 | Season 2
Teams have 72 hours to renovate their bathrooms. It’s a near-impossible task, leading to one of the toughest decisions of the season that leaves the judges split. Jillian Harris (Love It Or List It Vancouver) is the guest judge.


Master Bedroom
Episode 4 | Season 2
Teams tackle their master bedrooms with 24 hours on the clock. Armed with only paint and tape, teams must create a feature wall where creativity is the name of the game. Sabrina Smelko (designer and editor) is the guest judge.


Bonus Room
Episode 3 | Season 2
The teams have just 24 hours to re-purpose their third bedrooms into anything except a bedroom. Tight deadlines and tight spaces push creativity and relationships to the limit. Cheryl Torrenueva helps determine the winner.


Kitchen Challenge
Episode 2 | Season 2

Exhausted from the previous week’s living room challenge, all the teams begin week two in a fiery mood. With only 72 hours to turn their kitchens from knock down to knock out, best friends Dom and Michael come to blows, Tyler and Courtney’s design decision leaves them in the doghouse with the judges, Alex gets frustrated with his mom for not doing enough, and Kim and Harry’s design ideas prove to be more than they can handle. Dee Dee Eustace (Love By Design, Real Designing Women) is the guest judge.

Living Room Challenge
Episode 1 | Season 2

As the competitors enter the Game of Homes arena for the first time, they must compete to determine which house they will renovate over the next eight weeks. But as they make plans and settle in, host Dave Salmoni hits them with a massive twist. Then, with just 72 hours to transform their living room, the competitors must deal with hidden surprises, lack of sleep, and mounting frustrations.  In the end, one team takes an early lead and puts the target squarely on their back. Todd Talbot (Love It Or List It Vancouver) is the guest judge.