Game of Homes
Game of Homes
Game of Homes
Season 1
Season 2
Episode 8 | Season 2

Teams have 48 hours to correct their mistakes and get the houses ready for the public vote. In an emotional finale, one team wins the ultimate prize – their house, the furniture, and a plot of land. Who will win Game of Homes?

Exterior Challenge
Episode 7 | Season 2

With four days to transform their curb presence from appalling to appealing, the contestants tackle their final and most grueling reno – the house exteriors.  Working outdoors, the teams must battle mother nature and guard their designs from the watchful eyes of nosy neighbours.  A storm begins to brew when one team’s plan to out-do the competition rocks the neighbourhood.

Guest Bedroom Challenge
Episode 6 | Season 2

The teams have reached the breaking point and are losing motivation. Their spirits are lifted with a surprise visit that reminds them what they are fighting for. Kortney and Dave Wilson (Masters of Flip) are the guest judges.

Episode 5 | Season 2
Teams have 72 hours to renovate their bathrooms. It’s a near-impossible task, leading to one of the toughest decisions of the season that leaves the judges split. Jillian Harris (Love It Or List It Vancouver) is the guest judge.


Master Bedroom
Episode 4 | Season 2
Teams tackle their master bedrooms with 24 hours on the clock. Armed with only paint and tape, teams must create a feature wall where creativity is the name of the game. Sabrina Smelko (designer and editor) is the guest judge.


Bonus Room
Episode 3 | Season 2
The teams have just 24 hours to re-purpose their third bedrooms into anything except a bedroom. Tight deadlines and tight spaces push creativity and relationships to the limit. Cheryl Torrenueva helps determine the winner.


Kitchen Challenge
Episode 2 | Season 2

Exhausted from the previous week’s living room challenge, all the teams begin week two in a fiery mood. With only 72 hours to turn their kitchens from knock down to knock out, best friends Dom and Michael come to blows, Tyler and Courtney’s design decision leaves them in the doghouse with the judges, Alex gets frustrated with his mom for not doing enough, and Kim and Harry’s design ideas prove to be more than they can handle. Dee Dee Eustace (Love By Design, Real Designing Women) is the guest judge.

Living Room Challenge
Episode 1 | Season 2

As the competitors enter the Game of Homes arena for the first time, they must compete to determine which house they will renovate over the next eight weeks. But as they make plans and settle in, host Dave Salmoni hits them with a massive twist. Then, with just 72 hours to transform their living room, the competitors must deal with hidden surprises, lack of sleep, and mounting frustrations.  In the end, one team takes an early lead and puts the target squarely on their back. Todd Talbot (Love It Or List It Vancouver) is the guest judge.

Room Redo/Finale
Episode 8 | Season 1

In a breathtaking race to the finish, teams have just 24 hours to correct their mistakes from previous challenges. Cameron welcomes the public to view the finished houses. Their vote, along with the now opposing views of the judges will change the life of one team forever. In an epic finale, one winner will be awarded the ultimate prize in television history, a house and a plot of land to put it on. Who will win Game of Homes? 

Episode 7 | Season 1

With the interiors finished, Cameron gives the teams four days to attach and transform the exterior of their houses and an extreme facelift to their properties. 60-year-old stucco and shingles make way for 21st century roofs, siding and windows. None of the teams have ever renovated an exterior, and their inexperience brings injury and mistakes. You can easily repaint a room, but a wrong choice on exterior cladding will last a lifetime. Front-runners lose momentum and the harsh criticism of the judges proves too much for some. Yes we can confirm this statement.Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan are the guest judges.

Second Bedroom
Episode 6 | Season 1

Another 24-hour challenge causes egos to soar and tensions to overflow. Infighting and rumours of cheating rule the street. Teams turn on each other and themselves. After three weeks of confinement on the set, few teams have the imagination and strength to score with the judges. But one team emerges with an astonishing transformation. Kelly Deck is the guest judge.

Master Bedroom
Episode 4 | Season 1

Exhausted from the previous challenge, Cameron sends the teams over the edge with another 24-hour challenge, this time to renovate and completely redesign the master bedroom. After weeks of sleeping on the floor, teams will finally have a bed - but not until they can each create a stunning master bedroom. One team reigns supreme and a surprising new contender emerges.Kortney and Dave Wilson are the guest judges.

Bathroom and Laundry
Episode 4 | Season 1

Dated, dirty and decrepit bathrooms await each team. In a struggle to gain momentum and regain the favour of the judges, each team pulls out all the stops. But in the end, with the clock ticking down, only one team finishes their room before Cameron calls time. Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott are the guest judges.

Bonus Room
Episode 3 | Season 1

Teams have a mind-blowing 24 hours to transform a spare bedroom into anything but a bedroom. Creativity runs wild and tempers run hot, but with only 24 hours each team begins to buckle under the pressure and a sleepless night doesn’t help as they rush to complete their bonus room.The judges must decide who has executed an imaginative use of space to near perfection. Dee Dee Eustace is the guest judge.  

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Episode 2 | Season 1

Teams have just 72 hours to completely transform their kitchen - the heart of the house. Disa and Russell bite off more than they can chew; Char and Sean’s design may not be everyone’s taste; and Crystal and Ray’s popular decision in the first challenge may be their downfall in the second challenge. Todd Talbot is the guest judge.

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Living Room
Episode 1 | Season 1

As the competitors enter the Game of Homes site for the first time they race to determine who will get which house to transform - but the exteriors are deceiving. When the teams win entry, they realize these disheveled, run down houses will be nearly impossible to make livable and their time constraints become clear. The teams have just 72 hours to transform the living room, but before they can get started on transforming their rooms, the contestants size up their competition, and settle into living amidst a disastrous construction site. Jillian Harris is the guest judge.

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