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Season 1
Joey's Urban
Episode 16 | Season 1

Joey’s Urban is a spin-off of Joey’s, Canada’s oldest and largest chain of seafood restaurants. Bosses are looking for a new Operations Manager and want to recruit from within the ranks. But when two staff members compete for the job, a communication breakdown throws the kitchen into chaos. Can the job candidates turn things around in time to convince execs that they have picked the right people, after all? At the end of the week, one might get the career jolt they desperately need… and reap the financial rewards that go with it. But the other could be surprised with the giveaway of a lifetime – their own business. They’ll get to 'Be The Boss'…

Marble Slab
Episode 15 | Season 1

When two job rivals at Marble Slab Creamery compete for a top job, will they keep their cool or have a meltdown? Every mistake they make is reported back to HQ by company big wigs watching their every move, including the boss’ wife, who decides to make a secret snoop when they’re working at the store… all in the name of market research. Job Challenges include creating a new product for a consumer taste test, which turns into a nutty problem. At the end of the week, there is a formal job interview. One worker gets the promotion  - but if the other proves exceptional, she could get the keys to her very own store. She’ll Be The Boss…

The Grounds Guys
Episode 14 | Season 1

In a typical year, The Grounds Guys staff mows the equivalent of 150,000 soccer fields. But when two lawn stars are picked to compete for promotion, can they cut it?  After bosses put them through a series of job tests, only one can earn a giant step up the company career ladder and all the pay and perks that go with a top job. But the other could be in for an unexpected and completely life-changing surprise… They’ll get their own franchise and Be The Boss.

The Bone & Biscuit Co.
Episode 13 | Season 1

Bosses at The Bone & Biscuit Co. put their star staff through a week-long job test – and they’re dangling a big carrot: whoever excels gets a fatter pay cheque and a jump up the career ladder. But that’s not all. Bosses are hiding a closely guarded secret that could change one job rival’s life forever… they’ll get the keys to their very own franchise and Be The Boss.

Episode 12 | Season 1

Adele specializes in doing the job most of us hate – cleaning. But the company imposes a strict regime on staff, and when bosses give two Queens of Clean the chance to compete for a big promotion, every rule they break – and every vase – is a mark against them.  But their hard work ultimately pays off when, at the end of the week, a life-changing revelation has both job candidates in tears…  one becomes a Corporate Director, and the other gets the shock of their life when they are handed the keys to their very own franchise.

Shoeless Joe's Sports Grill
Episode 11 | Season 1

There’s a bar room brawl when two employees fight it out for promotion. Do well, and at the end of the week, one will be named Shoeless Joe’s Sports Grill’s new Corporate Training Manager. But bosses are hiding a closely guarded secret that the job rivals won’t see coming… during a final job interview, bosses might hand one of them the keys to their very own franchise. He or she will get to Be The Boss. 

Nurse Next Door
Episode 10 | Season 1

There’s been a boom in the number of privately-run companies offering care services in Canada. Nurse Next Door helps people stay in their own homes longer, but they have a fun and very different way of going about things. When they invite two of their best workers to compete for a promotion, the job rivals have to create a disruptive photo campaign that re-defines what it means to grow old, and organize a birthday party for a very tricky customer – it’s a company snoop, watching their every move in disguise! At the end of it all, one gets a new job title and salary hike… but bosses could surprise the other with a completely out of the blue gift – the key to her very own franchise.

Clancy's Meat Co.
Episode 9 | Season 1

Clancy’s Meat Co. specializes in meat products and ready-to-eat gourmet dinners. Bosses want to hire a new Product Development Specialist, and hand-pick staff to complete for that promotion. But it’s not long before bosses are wondering if they’ve picked the right people.  Their week of job tests includes creating and marketing a brand new ready meal, taste-tested by a panel of fussy shoppers. What happens at a difficult final job interview is truly surprising and unprecedented.
Episode 8 | Season 1

Bosses pin their hopes on two workers as they compete for a big promotion. But will the regret their decision? The job rivals fight it out to be JustJunk.Com’s new Director of Training. But after a disastrous first job challenge, can they recover in time to show head office that they’ve really got what it takes? After all the sweaty hauling of furniture and building debris, there is a tense final job interview with the CEO. One could get the promotion and better pay and perks. But, at the eleventh hour, the other job candidate might be surprised with the keys to their own franchise. They’ll get to Be The Boss.

Mary Brown's Famous Chicken
Episode 7 | Season 1

Mary Brown’s Famous Chicken is a popular, home-grown fast food chain.  The company is expanding across Canada and bosses are on the hunt for a new Brand Ambassador.  In this season launch, two employees get plucked to compete for that promotion and agree to take part in a series of high-stress job challenges, before facing a final job interview. One will get better pay and perks. But in a surprise twist, the other could be in for an even bigger reward – he or she could be given the keys to run their very own franchise and get to Be The Boss.

Episode 6 | Season 1

Canada's most popular toasted sandwich company, Quiznos, puts two lower-ranking employees through the grill this week, to find out who has what it takes to Be The Boss. They're both equally hungry for recognition and want to be the new Regional Operations Manager, a role that means a massive pay increase so they can achieve personal goals. But while bosses put them through a series of challenges, what they don't know is that there’s a secret opportunity also on the table. If they can out-perform their job rival, they could get handed the keys to their very own store and instantly jump from wage earner to boss. However, it's not long before one employee has a tearful meltdown, jeopardizing their entire future with the company…

Gateway Newstands
Episode 5 | Season 1

Gateway Newstands is the largest operator of its kind in North America. In this episode, bosses hand-pick Canadian employees to compete for a lucrative job promotion. They won't just get a career jolt — the job will put significantly more money in their pocket so they can achieve dreams and goals for their family. However, every move they make during their week-long job interview is critiqued by company snoops and reported back to head office. In addition, what the job candidates don't know, is that bosses are also eyeing them up for an even bigger reward, and if one of their star employees outshines their competition, he or she will get the keys to a brand new store.

Trade Secrets
Episode 4 | Season 1

Trade Secrets pioneered the one-stop beauty shop in Canada, and bosses admit they are fussy about who they hire. But when they select two employees to go through a week-long make or break job interview, who ultimately will deserve to be promoted? Every mistake they make is a mark against them, and as tension on the shop floor rises, what the employees don’t know is that it’s not just a job with attractive pay and perks up for grabs… if one of them truly excels under pressure, they could get handed the keys to a store of their own and Be the Boss.

Pita Pit
Episode 3 | Season 1

Bosses at fast-food favorite Pita Pit bring two of their most talented employees in for a meeting that will change their lives. But they'll have to complete a series of high-pressure job challenges to prove that they're right for the job. One of them will get the gig, and be rewarded with an attractive salary package. But if one surpasses the bosses' expectations, they'll be truly set for life… because they’ll be handed the keys to their very own franchise and get to Be the Boss.

Anytime Fitness
Episode 2 | Season 1

Anytime Fitness is the fastest-growing name in the world of workouts, and there's lots of opportunity for talent to climb the career ladder. In this episode, bosses put two of their most promising employees through a week-long job interview. They will be tested physically, mentally and emotionally, and when the week is up, one is rewarded with a big, fat promotion. But, in a surprise twist, the tearful "loser" could be in for the shock of their lives—they could be handed the keys to run their very own franchise, and Be the Boss.

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Pizza Pizza
Episode 1 | Season 1

The bosses of Canada's biggest pizza chain, Pizza Pizza, give two workers the opportunity to compete for a big promotion. Whoever gets the job doubles their salary. But there's a catch… as they compete to rise through the ranks, they are put under tight company surveillance and every mistake they make gets reported to head office. At the end of the week, they face a nail-biting final job interview. One will earn the promotion, but the other might be in for an even bigger shock – they could be given the keys to run their very own franchise and Be The Boss.