The Bachelor Canada
The Bachelor Canada
The Bachelor Canada
Season 3
Episode Seven
Episode 7 | Season 3

With hometowns on the horizon, Chris is forced to make painful decisions.  Emotional breakdowns dominate as the Bachelorettes put their hearts on the line in an attempt to keep the love alive.

Episode Six
Episode 6 | Season 3

Chris’ quest to find true love is interrupted when he is forced to confront the drama building in the mansion.  With emotions running high, Chris begins to question himself and the journey ahead.

Episode Five
Episode 5 | Season 3

With relationships building, Chris is swept away by passionate and revealing dates in the Dominican Republic. Life at the mansion is turned upside down when a shocking secret is revealed…

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Episode Four
Episode 4 | Season 3

Chris explores his connections by inviting the Bachelorettes to join him for uniquely personal and intimate dates.  But the tension is undeniable as the women ask: who is here for the right reasons?

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Episode Three
Episode 3 | Season 3

High-octane dates and budding romance take emotions to the next level.  Meanwhile, one Bachelorette makes bold moves to stand out from the crowd.


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Episode Two
Episode 2 | Season 3

As Chris embarks on his first dates of the season, the ladies find themselves distracted by drama brewing in their midst.  Will turmoil and confusion in the mansion overshadow their quest to find true love?  

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Night One
Episode 1 | Season 3

Canada’s new Bachelor Chris Leroux begins his journey to find true love when he meets 20 of the country’s most eligible Bachelorettes.

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