Wedding Parties We Wish We Were Invited To

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Wedding Parties We Wish We Were Invited To

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Natalia Buia

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April 13, 2017

Let's be real here. When we get a glossy card with a wedding date on it in a cursive font we've never seen since grade 5, the first thing that comes to our mind is this: Open bar? 

The key to any fun wedding party is an open bar. Sorry, grandma. It's not the families uniting from coast to coast. It's the endless flow of vodka and Chardonnay. The second best thing about going to a wedding party is having to dress up in a spectacular outfit. Everyone is drunk and well-dressed just like at the Oscars except an orschestra doesn't plays you off for talking too long. (Side note: Can someone try and attempt this at a real wedding, please?).

Here are some fabulous wedding parties from the movies we wish we were invited to. 

The Great Gatsby 

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It's a known fact. Rich people put on the best wedding parties. Daisy's wedding was so lavish and regal. Imagine the kind of gift bags guests got to take home! 

Sex and the City 2 

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This wedding was a Pinterest board on steroids. Standford and Anthony's wedding has everything under the sun. Swans! A choir! Waterfalls! LIZA MINELLI!!! Her chorographed dance to Beyonce's Single Ladies was unforgettable. 


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Getting married is fine and all, but if you don't have your favourite band performing live in front of everyone you love, then what's the point? Lilly's favourite group of all time, Wilson Philips somehow appeared at her already perfect wedding to perform "Hold On". Gotta love a free concert! 

A Walk To Remember 

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Landon and Jamie's wedding isn't as extravagant as others on this list. Theirs was sweet and genuine. Tender and simple. They truly loved each other and knew that time was running out, so they decided to marry in a small church with only a handful of guests. Their vows were extremely touching to hear. Pass the hankerchief, please. 

Mamma Mia 

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There was a lot of dancing. And kissing. And dancing and kissing in the rain. Who wouldn't RSVP to a Meryl Streep wedding? 

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