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Wedding Movies by the Numbers

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Natalia Buia

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April 12, 2017

Romantic proposals, goofy in-laws and larger-than-life cakes. Wedding movies have them all!

There's an endless scroll of "I Do!" movies from classics like Father of the Bride to indie gems like Ceremony. During W's Big Wedding Party we'll be playing—you guessed it—wedding movies! Some you've already seen 100 times like Bridesmaids because it's so damn funny. Check out the full schedule here.

In the meantime, we're going to highlight all our favourite wedding movies with some interesting facts. Fasten your veils, ladies!

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When it comes to the most successful, My Big Fat Greek Wedding takes the three-tiered cake. Since it's release in 2002, it's grossed over $241 million worldwide. 

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In Wedding Crashers, there are exactly 115 rules the two crashers must follow. 

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50 dresses auditioned to be featured but only 27 made the cut for 27 Dresses. The film's costume designer, Catherine Thomas also provided the costumes for Kill Bill

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There was 1 alternative ending for My Best Friend's Wedding back in 1997. Julia Roberts' character was to have met a man played by John Corbett at the wedding and fall in love. The producers decided to have her remain single for the final scene. 

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The most expensive wedding on film goes to The Princess Bride. The total cost rang cost 20,000 ducats, which is equivalent to just under $3 million! Yowzer. 

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The wedding dress in which Maya Rudolph craps in in Bridesmaids was priced at just $349. I'm assuming she did not return it. 

The venue she picked out holds 250 people. With catering at $60 per person, the total cost to book the venue would have been $15,000. 

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Before a Happily Ever After with Richard Gere, the Runaway Bride runs out on 3 separate rooms to warrant the moniker. 

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In Bride Wars, Liv got the bigger engagement ring. Hers was a 5 carat Tiffany NOVO cushion cut ring. Don't hold your breath. It costs $53,000.
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In License to Wed, Reverend Frank puts happy couple Ben & Sadie through a strenuous wedding program lasting 3 weeks. 


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