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Best Sex and the City Moments of All Time

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Russell Sabio

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July 31, 2014

In homage to our favourite fearless foursome, we've put together our list of their finest moments, from laugh-out loud hilarious, to pass-the-tissues tears. What's your favourite Sex and the City moment? Comment below!

Smith Shaves His Head - Season 6, Episode 16 'Out of the Frying Pan'
This one’s a tearjerker. Samantha’s cancer treatment is going well but her hair starts to fall out. She decides to shave her head and guess who is right there behind her: Smith.  He grabs the clippers out of her hand and shave his own head, despite the fact it's this actor and model's signature. Sticking by her side and cutting his crowning glory to prove it? Too sweet.   

Poo-kipsy - Sex and the City (Movie)
Two words—Charlotte and poop. This has got to be one of the greatest Sex and the City moments of all time. The girls are all on what would have been Carrie’s and Big's honeymoon. She's understandably inconsolable, and the mood is sombre. Suddenly, comic relief is provided by Charlotte—she mistakenly drinks the water in Mexico, and well, has to pay the consequences. 

Carrie Farts in Bed - Season 1, Episode 11 'The Drought'
This one’s another stinker. In one of the most authentic moments of all the seasons, Carrie farts in bed. She fears that this slip will ruin her relationship with Big, but later is assured that Big likes her just as she is—smell and all.

Miranda Says 'I Love You' - Season 6, Episode 12 'The One' 
“I love you". Miranda finally says the three big words she has neglected to tell Steve for so long. The moment is perfectly imperfect because: it's Brady’s birthday, they’re in the laundry room, and Steve has a girlfriend (no!), yet he still says “Miranda, you’re the one.” Pass the tissues please.  

A Harry Situation - Sex and the City (Movie)
Miranda's soaking up the sun pool-side and much to Samantha’s surprise Miranda is, well, a little harrier down-there. A relatable, laugh-out-loud moment.

Carrie Butts Out - Season 3, Episode 5 'No Ifs, ands or Butts'
We get it. There’s a war of sorts going on here. You’re either team Aidan or team Big (and let's face it, most are team Big) but this season three treasure is too cute, you must admit. Carrie attempts to give up her beloved cigarettes to get with anti-smoking Aidan. 

The Man Next Door - Sex and the City (Movie)
Hi, Gilles Marini. We meet Gilles, a.k.a. Dante, Samantha's sexy next-door-neighbour, naked and wet in an outdoor shower. This scene shot Gilles Marini into superstardom after he let his body speak for itself. 

Colouring! - Sex and the City (Movie)
When the girls lunch with Lily in tow, they speak frankly about sex, but mom Charlotte wants to shield the young lady from obscenities. Thus, codename: colouring. “How often do you guys...(colour)?” Miranda asks. 

Not Peeling Well - Season 5, Episode 5 'Plus One is the Loneliest Number' 
Samantha's not “Peeling” too well. In this famous season five episode, Samantha gets a chemical peel. Let’s just say it doesn’t work out the way she thought. Ouch! 

Happily Ever After - Sex and the City (Movie) 
It’s a dramatic series ending in an even more dramatic movie. After an epic rose-thrashing scene, a hair dye, an accident in the pants and the appearance of J. Hud (what?!), Big and Carrie tie the knot. A simple yet beautiful state ceremony unites one of history’s greatest couples.


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