The Best Dance Scenes Ever

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The Best Dance Scenes Ever

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Natalia Buia

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April 4, 2017

It doesn't matter if you can really bust a move or not. When a film breaks out into dance, it makes you feel great! You feel joyful and confident and for a split second, you believe you can totally win an impromptu dance-off with an ex-lover. 

These exceptional dance scenes are a gentle reminder that the world is our dancefloor whether or not we got the moves like Jagger. 

Magic Mike 
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There's something about grown men and choreographed dancing that really gets our juices flowing. Even better, when said grown men are shirtless! FUN FACT: The dance sequences in both Magic Mike films were choreographed by a woman named Alison Faulk. You go, girl!

Romy & Michele's High School Reunion
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This is the perfect example of when bad dancing is good. Everything about this rules, from the shiny minidresses to the Cyndi Lauper soundtrack to the young and bashful Alan Cumming. This is one reunion I wish I was invited to.

Risky Business
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Every time someone parodies this dance scene, an angel gets its wings. It's been over 30 years since Tom Cruise slid down that hallway in his skivvies, proving this is one slick move that will never go out of style. 

Pulp Fiction
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When it comes to dancing, it's far more fun when you've got a partner. In Uma Thurman's case here, she wouldn't of had as much fun doing the twist if John Travolta hadn't show up. Dances are also better in matching outfits. 

Charlie's Angels
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If there's one thing Cameron Diaz loves it's dancing. Cameron dances as much as Tom Cruise runs. There's never an inappropriate time to break into dance as the actress enthusiastically demonstrates. If there's some soul msuic blasting through the speakers she will prace around the room until cops are called and she's escorted out of the building. 

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I dont know about you guys but if I'm ever on a sinking cruise ship, I'd rather go down with Leo during a do-si-do than waste my time trying to get on a floating door. 




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