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The 7 Greatest YouTube Marriage Proposals

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Ashley Bennion

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June 21, 2013

Public proclamations of love have been in vogue since the dawn of time. Now, in the digital age, it's never been easier to share your love with the world, be it via Facebook relationship statuses, joint online profiles or relationships beginning on Twitter (yes, really).

While these offer a glimpse into the private romantic lives of our friends, family (and sometimes strangers), there is one type of online love profession that stands out from the rest: the YouTube proposal.

Most marriage proposals are planned in some way; you've got to get the ring, figure out the location and timing, not to mention agonize over whether the person will say 'Yes' first. But the amount of time, care and preparation that's gone into these moving videos seems unparalleled in this lazy age of instant gratification. How special would you feel if the guy you love put on a production like this for you? (No pressure, gents...) 

Or maybe you'd be turned off, and (we hope!) your man already knows this about you. Regardless, they're a treat to watch.

We scoured the Internet to find the most amazing wedding proposals. So sit back, grab a box of tissue and enjoy the thought and effort that went into every single one of these.

Castle in the Clouds

Rose petals, check. Hugely impressive sand castle, check. Asking your girlfriend and her daughter to be a part of your life forever in the sweetest way imaginable, check.


It’s A Beautiful Night…

This awe-inspiring and uplifting live lip-dub proposal to Bruno Mars’ Marry You has led many to follow suit. But we’ll always have a soft spot for the original.


On-Air Romance

When you propose on live television, you’re really putting yourself out there—which is why we absolutely love how quickly she says “YES!”


A Night At The Movies

Imagine sitting down in a crowded theatre to watch previews only to realize that your boyfriend’s on the big screen. Talk about a surprise ending!

Will You Marry Meme? 

If a picture is worth 1000 words, a picture of Internet memes is worth way more. With no words spoken, this is truly one of the sweetest proposals we’ve ever seen. Between his nerves and her tears, we must have used up an entire box of tissue.


Ice Capades

Skating on its own is romantic, but when you throw in grownups dressed in bear suits for a proposal, it’s no wonder this made our list. Major bonus points for the sheer cuteness of the cue cards.

Getting Mobbed

We’re not sure which part we liked best, when the soon-to-be fiancé jumps in to join the flash mob singing Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You or that he’s arranged for her whole family to be there. One thing’s for sure, our cheeks were a little wet by the time he was done.