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10 Things You Didn't Know About Julia Roberts

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Russell Sabio

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January 6, 2018

She’s known for her infectious smile, her distinctive laugh and her impeccable acting skills. She’s known for the way she becomes the characters she portrays. Known for the iconic Pretty Woman scene, her portrayal of Julianne Potter in My Best Friend’s Wedding and for the ever-inspiring Eat Pray Love in which she played the lead role.

But there’s more to America’s sweetheart than meets the eye. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Julia Roberts.

1) Knit and Pearl
We never thought Julia Roberts would be a crafter but she is! She says she loves to knit. We wonder if she can make us a wool sweater for Christmas.

2) Woodwind Instrument Player
When Roberts was in school she used to play the clarinet and oboe. She says that she was the only oboist in her class. 

3) Animal Lover
Roberts loved animals so much that when she was younger she wanted to be a veterinarian. That was until she took biology and found out that there was more to being a vet than just petting the animals, she says.

4) Basic Instinct
Sharon Stone’s iconic role in the film Basic Instinct was originally offered to Julia Roberts but she declined. We agree: we can’t see Julia in this erotic thriller.

5) Love Life
When Julia was 19 she dated Liam Neeson who was 30 at the time. After that short relationship, she was engaged to her Steel Magnolias co-star Dylan McDermott. Other significant beaus included Jason Patric, Matthew Perry and Benjamin Bratt.

6) Written on her Back
Julia has the names of her children tattooed on her lower back. If this isn’t love I don’t know what is.

7) Potty Mouth
Julia is known for her million-dollar smile but did you know that she likes to swear? Tom Hanks says that Julia Roberts has the biggest potty mouth. I think we like you a little bit more, Julia.

8) Toenail Biter
When Julia Roberts was younger she admits that she used to bite off her toenails instead of clipping them. That’s just a little bit gross. 

9) Richest Women in Entertainment
In 2007 Forbes magazine named Julia as one of the richest women in Hollywood. More power to you, Julia!

10) Ambidextrous
Julia Roberts is left handed, but for the film Erin Brockovich she learned to use her right hand.

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