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Where to Look for Love (When You Can’t Seem to Find It)

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Andrea Syrtash, iVillage.ca

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January 20, 2014

I've covered the world of dating and interviewed singles across the country for close to a decade, and somehow I've never heard a dater claim that it's 'easy' to meet great men in her area. I've heard that men in Toronto are too materialistic, men in Vancouver are too granola, and men in other parts of the country are too conservative, too rough around the edges and too hard to find.
When you're in school, boys are bountiful – in class, in the dorm, at your local dive bar. Somehow when we're out in the real world, it may seem that single men called a secret press conference and decided to disappear from plain sight. That or all the good ones are taken.

I've never heard a dater claim that it's 'easy' to meet great men in her area. 

One friend told me that her neighborhood bar is full of “meat-heads, dimwits and douchebags” (*I won't pass on her compliments to the establishment). She's fed up with dating in her area and thinking of moving to another part of town and even another part of the country.
If moving in order to find a man has also crossed your mind, consider these steps first:
Pick up new single women for friendship
Sick of weekends on dates with your friends, their husbands, and even their babies? One issue that single women over the age of 30 face is the fact that a number of their friends have settled down and aren't all that interested in going out to meet new men. If your pool of single girlfriends has dwindled, or you've been hanging out with the same set of single friends for years, expanding your social network is key to finding love.
So - the next time you go to an event or a party and feel let down that no eligible men are in sight, switch your focus to all the amazing women in the room. Hanging out with them will not only increase your chances of meeting great new men through their network, but also give your singlehood a boost.

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