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What to Do When Jonathan Scott Asks You to Go Wakeboarding

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Russell Sabio

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June 18, 2014

As we discovered in Jonathan Scott’s Summer Essentials, this celebrity hunk loves to wakeboard. What do you know about this summer sport? If you’re like us, not much. But what if Jonathan asks you out on a wakeboarding date? Time to panic! You don't want to look like you have two left feet in front of this athletic guy.

Don’t worry though, we have you covered. This is wakeboarding 101; class is in session.

What is it?

Wakeboarding is a water sport that has you, the wakeboarder, being towed by a speedboat across still water. As skiing is to snowboarding, waterskiing is to wakeboarding and wakeboards are short and broad. To start, you’re submerged in water with your feet strapped into the board; you hold a handle attached to a rope, have your driver start the boat’s motor…and you’re off!

Now this boat you’re being dragged from, it travels at relatively high speeds of almost 40km/hr. The velocity the boat travels at creates simulated waves or wakes. A wake is what you ride off of, kind of like a ramp. From there you can do jumps and aerials, spins and pirouettes.  You’ll get there eventually!

Who is it for?

Wakeboarding is for the adventurous, the thrill-seeking. If you don’t think this describes you, consider this: former Prime Minister Jean Chretien recently tried it (see that amazing video here). If this 79-year-old can, you can surely try. It does require some athleticism (if you want to eventually out-board Jonathan) but practice makes perfect.

What you need?

To eventually become the next wakeboarding pro, first you need some equipment. Hyperactive Watersports has some great information on the equipment you need. The site says that with about $600 to spare you can purchase a board package that includes a board and its bindings. Bindings are basically the special shoes you wear that attach to the board. 

With a board in hand you now need a rope. For beginners a shorter rope is best, around 50 feet. This makes it easier to stand up at the start. For what the sport entails, a non-stretch rope is needed. You also need a handle; a wider handle is generally best and www.wake.co.nz suggests a 15-inch one.

A must-have for wakeboarding is a life jacket. When choosing a life jacket, consider size, the material of the vest and they style of it. Wakeboarding vests shouldn’t be bulky; you want to be able to move around.

You might also consider a wet suit to keep you nice and toasty in cold waters. They’re made of a stretchy rubber material whose purpose is to keep you warm.

We almost forgot! You also need a speed boat, but we’re sure Jonathan has that one covered.


Wakeboarding is a relatively pricey sport. The cost of a boat can be up to tens of thousands of dollars plus the cost of all the separate pieces of equipment listed above. It is definitely an investment but worth it if it helps you impress Jonathan on your date.

Fun Facts:

-Numerous sites credit wakeboarding as one of the fastest growing action sports in the world. 

-There are over 3.1 million wakeboarders worldwide 

-Stokecity.ca says that 75% of wakeboarders are male & aged 13-24; this means your kids will think you're the coolest

-First practice on land; it will make the motion of standing up on the board much easier.

-Always bend your knees.




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