Tessa & Scott: Finale Recap, Episodes Six and Seven

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Tessa & Scott: Finale Recap, Episodes Six and Seven

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Kate Calder, iVillage.ca

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February 7, 2014

In last week’s episode, Tessa and Scott (and Cassandra) travelled to Paris for their second Grand Prix. After weeks of focusing on healing injuries and technical details, Jean-Marc Genereux reminded them to feel the passion and not lose the spark.

Now taking the ice, the moment has arrived for their short program. They need to show the judges that they are improving to win the Grand Prix series but also to have a chance at the Olympic Gold. Coach Marina decided to move the foreboding twizzles to a new spot in the program, which ups the difficultly of pulling this off.

For the first time this season, their twizzles are totally in sync. The crowd goes wild! They are elated. However, they are still slightly behind Meryl and Charlie’s short program ranking by a few tenths of a point, so they’ll have to really deliver in the free program to gain points.

“Just perform better,” says Marina. Easy. 

Next we see Scott and Cassandra having a lovers’ stroll in Paris. Scott says it’s nice to have Cassandra in Paris to help him through the competition. In Scott’s suite they talk about the looming free dance. “Does it worry you?” Cassandra asks. This question makes me worry for Cassandra. Scott says he’ll get a chance to sightsee with her once the competition is over. He’ll make a good tour guide considering he just did the tour de romance with Tessa a few days earlier.

We see Tessa and Scott at the arena practicing in full costume, while Cassandra watches from the stands. Meanwhile, Scott tells us that he didn’t have an opportunity to introduce Cassandra and Tessa at all while they were in Paris. This seems a logistical miracle. They were all at the arena and presumably going back and forth to the same hotel. Was there not even one awkward run-in in the lobby? But Scott says it’s no big deal and there will be other times for an intro. Tessa interviews that Scott is really good at keeping his personal life totally separate..

Finally it’s time for the free dance. The last couple to skate, Tessa and Scott take the ice with new costumes. Tessa is in an emerald green dress, brilliant against the white ice. We see highlights of their program including the several dramatic poses and that crazy spinning lift. They finish, breathless. The crowd is cheering. Little girls sweep the ice covered with stuffed animals.

However, there is disappointment surrounding the scores. Though they have finished first at this competition, they are still six points behind Meryl and Charlie’s Grand Prix standing. But particularly upsetting is a two-point deduction they received on a “curve” as well as no points awarded for Scott’s change of position. Scott apparently blows up off camera, but regains his composure for the medal ceremony on the podium.

At home in Canton, Michigan, the tension is crazier than ever. 

At home in Canton, Michigan, the tension is crazier than ever. They are back on the ice in workout gear with Meryl and Charlie. In the change room Meryl and Tessa avoid talking to each other. Scott says he doesn’t get caught up in the change room drama and prefers to just worry about training. Not long after that, the two are prepping for Sochi with a Skate Canada director. The camera focuses on Meryl who is within earshot and hears Scott proclaim that he and Tessa plan to win. Apparently Scott indulges in a bit of rivalry drama after all.

Later that night Tessa meets up with friends at a bar and grill. Among the on-camera small talk she relays a story about a U.S. customs guard who flirted with her, asked for her contact info and then emailed her with the subject line: Customs Officer Date Application. Only Tessa could charm one of the most joyless people in America.

A good laugh is had by all when, during a coaching session with Marina, the camera pans to Johnny Johns penguining his way across the slippery ice on shoes.  “My partner a little bit ugly, but it’s okay.” I’m really loving Marina and Johnny Johns.

Scott tells Tessa he loves the feeling of being together and he just wants to enjoy the last moments together.

Later on, Tessa and Scott have a heart to heart at home, where Tessa says it was motivating to be around Meryl and Charlie. She wants to look as polished as them by Sochi. Scott tells Tessa he loves the feeling of being together and he just wants to enjoy the last moments together.

Episode 7

We’re here, the final episode. I’m sad. I love hanging out with Tessa and Scott and I know it’s impossible, but I want this fly-on-the-wall vantage point to take us all the way to Sochi. For that, I’ll have to watch in real time and rely on commentary from Debbie Wilson, rather than personal interviews with Tessa and Scott.

There’s just one more major Grand Prix, the final in Japan. Until now, they’ve been competing in competitions separate from Meryl and Charlie, but their points have all been adding up to this Grand Prix final. This competition will have them actually competing against each other in person. Whichever team wins will be the favourite heading into Sochi. 

They’re understandably stressed and anxious so make a visit to their sports psychologist, Kirsten. Kirsten wants to talk about their level of communication, which is surprisingly an issue after 17 years. Tess says that they were disconnected and didn’t feel like a team. Scott says that they’re a lot more open now. He admits he gets mad and he realizes that Tessa takes it personally. Scott says that now if they feel the partnership slipping away, they make eye contact and find that strength together, which is great feeling. Hearing this makes Tessa very happy.  

Kirsten wants to talk about their level of communication, which is surprisingly an issue after 17 years.

This is a great segue to Japan, where figure skating brings out thousands of excited fans to a packed arena. There’s a kid in a panda costume doing a sit spin. Tessa says it’s distracting to make small talk with all the other teams, when all she wants to do is focus on her program prep.

I’m guessing Meryl and Charlie are one couple they won’t have to worry about making small talk with. I’m even more scared of Meryl than I was at the beginning of the series.

Their short program, which has been improving all season doesn’t disappoint. Not only is it fun and classy, but the twizzles are perfect and their score breaks the world record. Next up are Meryl and Charlie, who score slightly higher, taking the world record and leading by a tenth of a point. However, the gap in points has been lessened and the two teams are almost tied going into the free dance final. The math behind this is barely within my reach, but I’m so entertained that I’m hanging in there. Like watching Moneyball.

It’s the night before the final performance and to calm her nerves Tessa video calls her sister, Jordan, who lives in Australia. Jordan is just as lovely as Tessa. First they talk about The Young and the Restless. Then they have a somewhat boring conversational in which Tessa reiterates the rivalry with Meryl and Charlie and that she misses Jordan.

Meryl is a pocket-sized goddess in a periwinkle midriff-baring costume beside Charlie in a bejewelled princely get-up. 

We’re used to the competition day routine but now and we’re taken through the highlights of Tessa and Scott’s performance. It’s flawless. Tessa and Scott hug on the ice, they’ve done a fantastic job and this puts them in first place. However! Meryl and Charlie have yet to skate. Meryl is a pocket-sized goddess in a periwinkle midriff-baring costume beside Charlie in a bejewelled princely get-up. Their program is also flawless and they take the gold medal. Tessa and Scott are practically in tears. This is the final competition the entire series has been leading up to and they’ve lost the top spot by a hair.

As usual, they are ushered into a formal group press conference and take their places at the head table aside Meryl and Charlie. Scott is asked to comment on the performance of the other skaters. He sticks to his talking points and says he’s excited about the level of tough competition and that it’s good for the sport.  Afterwards in the cab, Tessa and Scott attempt a fist bump and fail miserably.

It’s Christmas in Canton but Tessa and Scott have no time for a holiday time out and instead hit the ice hard to get ready for the Olympics. We visit Scott’s mom and dad in their kitchen in London, Ontario who have a chat together about how much Scott and Tessa mean to each other. Scott’s dad says this is a crucial period where they will have to go into “their bubble” to focus on the Olympics. Alma worries about how much those kids will miss each other when skating ends and it makes her teary. She pulls out some old pics of Tessa and Scott throughout the years, which are fascinating. We see old video clips of Tessa and Scott as adorable children (See Cute Childhood Photos of Tessa & Scott Here) skating together and then as talented adolescents. This is pulling at my heart strings.

At the rink Marina continues her strategy of getting them to connect with each other and bring pure emotional and feeling beyond the technical to their performance.

“Why you skate your whole life in this sport? Why you did this?” she demands.

“Why you skate your whole life in this sport? Why you did this?” she demands.

“I always thought you knew the answer,” says Scott. Ha.

Marina says no other sport has this much beauty and works herself up into tears. This is getting heavy.

We cut to a press conference where Tessa and Scott are accepting their spot on the Canadian Olympic figure skating team. This is the last footage of the series and the only time we will see them until the Olympics begin next week. We’re left with a final montage of the great moments from this series: shots of training, the pre-competition embrace, ribbon cutting, smiling at each other, the sexy off-ice dance session, sharing the podium, Tessa laughing and finally a close up shot of their hands clutching on the ice.

The end, folks. You can send Tessa and Scott your encouragement by signing their online Wall of Well Wishes at tessaandscott.wnetwork.com. See you in Sochi!

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