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Tessa & Scott: Episode 4 Recap

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Kate Calder, iVillage.ca

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January 24, 2014

When we left off, Tessa and Scott had gone through a tense week, but regained their connection, only for Scott to befall a back injury. This episode opens with Scott still reeling from his injury.

In the meantime, Tessa has a photoshoot for a magazine profile. They shoot her on a comfy white couch in her tastefully decorated living room. Tessa says she’s a very private person, but does press to promote the Tessa and Scott brand, which helps gain sponsorships. (Costumes, ice time, skate, coaches and international flights don’t pay for themselves.) Plus, she doesn’t know what the future holds for her after skating and she wants to keep her options open. I think part-time model is a totally viable option for her. Or Kate Middleton body double.

Scott’s been off the ice and laying low since he injured his back and there are only four days until Skate Canada. Sidenote, I like the music selection for this series. Moments are often paired with poignant lyrics. In this case, a whispy voice sings, “No matter how painful you feel things have gone….” as Scott contemplates his injury. (If you’ve been digging the music so far, check out the song list for each episode on W Network, here.)

Scott works with a personal trainer on strength training, while Tessa goes to the rink alone. He feels like he’s letting Tessa down. We see her skating alone amid a rink of couples. Tessa says she misses having Scott next to her and being alone is foreign. This is breaking my heart. It’s weird to see her skating around all discombobulated. What can she even do by herself? She also can’t help but watch Meryl and Charlie. Man, they look good.

It’s a new day. The upbeat soundtrack says Scott is back in business! It’s daunting, but he’s hopped up on pain killers. He kisses Tessa’s hand. That’s sweet. Cut to Coach Marina. The subtitles tell us that she just said, “Today you have to learn how to be in a woman’s arms.” Scott asks Marina to show him what that means. Marina giggles. Hee.

The pair make their way to Saint John New Brunswick for Skate Canada. It will be the first of two Grand Prix events and they need to win both to make it to the finals in Japan in December, which will set the stage for the Olympics.

Tessa and Scott have a late dinner together in Saint John. Unlike the slightly awkward “date” dinner in episode one, this seems like date six—fun and flirty. Elsewhere in Saint John, Tessa’s mom, Kate, has dinner with Scott’s mom, Alma. We learn from Kate Virtue that their long program is themed on Scott and Tessa’s story. It’s comprised of bits and pieces from all their different programs; a good-bye and a salute to everyone. Alma Moir says it’s a salute “to us!” She’s joking, but she’s completely justified. I have a skating mom and like these women, she deserves all the credit. They’ve spent years sitting on cold benches, getting skates sharpened and driving to barren arenas at 6 a.m., not to mention being cheerleaders and pillars of emotional support. Here’s to Alma and Kate! Scott’s mom says she doesn’t think Scott and Tessa realize how much they’ll miss each other. As my own mom would say, I’m. Not. Going. To. Cry.

Finally competition day is here and Tessa and Scott are in the pre-skate, backstage area warming up and practicing lifts. Scott’s back is still giving out. This is not good.

We see Kaitlyn and Andrew, the uber happy ice dance couple Tessa and Scott had dinner with a few weeks earlier. They are friendlies, but also competition. Although Tessa and Scott are reigning champions, Kaitlyn and Andrew have been creeping up on them lately and score a personal best after their short program.

Scott and Tessa take the ice. They look amazing. Tessa is wearing a black, sequined, roaring twenties-inspired dress and Scott is in a sharp looking shirt with suspenders.

Scott and Tessa take the ice. They look amazing. Tessa is wearing a black, sequined, roaring twenties-inspired dress and Scott is in a sharp looking shirt with suspenders. The music starts and their program begins. All those steps we’ve seen them practicing in Canton, Michigan come to life on the competition stage. They are doing fine until…the twizzles. Noooo! Just in case you missed it, we see the awkwardness magnified in a slow motion recap. Ouch.

They hold it together in the kiss and cry and then have to put on happy faces for press interviews. Scott tells us that he doesn’t like being that close to Kaitlyn and Andrew just as there’s a shot of him sitting down next to them at the press conference. That seems harsh, but he means close in points.

The pair gets massage therapy back at the hotel. There are shirtless shots of Scott and close ups of Tessa’s thighs getting massaged, with glances from both of them edited in brilliantly. I like when Scott kids around on the phone with the person taking his room service order.

The next day, they are back at the arena for their free dance, the long program, and desperately need to do well and gain points to win. They embrace before they take the ice. Tessa is positively ethereal in a blush-toned dress with her hair down. “And now the legends. It will be their final free dance at a Skate Canada International,” says commentator Rod Black for the TV viewers. Scott kisses Tessa’s hands and mouths “Breathe. Ready?” Kate and Alma are in the stands. The soundtrack is building tension.

We only see bits of their performance, but the twizzles are flawless and Scott holds it together in the crucial lift. “They have done it again!” beams Rod Black. “This program is a masterpiece!” declares Tracy Wilson. Marina wipes away a tear. Scott and Tessa stand in the middle of the rink holding hands and gazing at each other. My heart is in my throat. They’ve won the competition and we cut to them standing on the podium singing Oh, Canada.

Later, they both retreat to their hotel rooms. Scott calls Cassandra. In her room Tessa tells her mom, “I’m sure Scott is napping right now,” and they both have a laugh. I can’t tell if that was facetious. In any case, he gets off the phone with Cassandra and meets Tessa for the post-competition banquet. Next time: Scott hangs with his buddies at a gun range, while Tessa and her girlfriends drink champagne in a hottub and talk about picking up guys. Then it’s off to Paris, the city of love, for the next international competition.

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