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Tessa & Scott: Episode 3 Recap

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Kate Calder, iVillage.ca

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January 17, 2014

With high performance camp behind them, Tessa and Scott will head back to Canton, Michigan to fine tune their programs. There are only five months before the Olympics and they have a lot of hard work ahead of them. But first we get another glimpse of their non-skating lives.

In London, Scott and his girlfriend Cassandra carve a pumpkin on the tailgate of a pick-up truck. Cassandra is counting down the months until the Olympic training schedule is over, when she will presumably have more Scott time. In Windsor, Ontario, Tessa sits among students in a lecture room. We learn she’s in the third year of a psychology degree. How she works on a degree given her training schedule boggles my mind.

Back at the arena in Michigan, Tessa explains that Scott gets short when he’s anxious, but she tries not to let it get to her. This will be the theme of this episode. Meanwhile, Tessa gets a new Hall and Oates T-shirt. Grumpy Scott hates Hall and Oates. In the change room a half-naked guy skater is happy to oblige in a conversation about his love of Hall and Oates.

We meet technical coach, Johnny Johns. That’s the best name. He’s married to Coach Marina and Scott jokes that Johnny Johns likes to think he’s as tough as Marina. He seems pretty tough to me. I love Tessa’s practice get up. She is fresh-faced and vintage ballet in dark leggings and tank with a light pink shrug-esque cropped sweater. Scott and Tessa work through a striking lift in which Scott spins Tessa at light speed on his shoulders while she’s in a Biellman position. They aren’t quite getting it right though, and Scott’s frustration is showing. Meryl and Charlie stand smugly at the boards, looking on. Meryl is wearing her signature Belle from Beauty and Beast updo.

The training process is frustrating and tiring, emotionally and physically. Scott says he had a bad temper when he was younger and then mutters a four letter word on the ice within earshot of Marina. Tessa says she takes Scott’s bad mood personally and internalizes it, which takes a toll on their relationship. Enter Kate Virture, Tessa’s elegant mother, who is resplendent in a platimum bob. She provides some gentle motherly counseling on dealing with Grumpy Scott. Tessa wonders how they are going to manage the pressure and stress at the Olympics if they lose touch of their intense, supporting and trusting relationship.

Tessa is very alone right now.

I feel like Tessa is very alone right now. We see her standing at the boards watching Meryl and Charlie. They are owning it. Their speed and grace looks amazing. Tessa and Scott continue practicing their incredibly complicated whirling lift to the point where we’re all frustrated and dizzy. They’ve brought in a team of specialists to fine tune every single angle of their performance. We’re talking an expression coach, a footwork coach, a lift coach and Finn Step coach and a transitions coach. And that’s on top of Marina, Johnny Johns and the previous cameo from Jean-Marc Généreux.

To relieve Scott’s competitive angst, the producers have arranged a go-carting excursion with the lovely Patrick Chan, known as “Chiddy” in skating circles. Patrick’s girlfriend is there to wave the checkered flag. She looks like fun. After some action shots on the track, Scott and Chiddy converse in the autumn sunset about finding time for their girlfriends amid their training.

Meanwhile, Tessa and her mom take in the Hall and Oates concert. Turns out Hall and Oates are Virtue-Moir fans, which means a private backstage meet and greet for Tessa and her mom. Seconds before the musicians walk in, Kate Virtue says, “You should have brought your Olympic medal.” This is totally something my own mom would say if I had an Olympic medal. “No, no one cares about that,” says Tessa, which is the response I would also give my mom. Only Tessa has more class than me, I would have added an incredulous eye roll.

Back in Canton, Tessa and Scott have dinner with another Canadian ice dancing team Kaitlyn Weaver and Andrew Poje. From this angle Andrew poses a striking resemblance to Dermot Mulroney. If I didn’t know this was a dinner among two ice dancing pairs, I’d guess Kaitlyn and Andrew were the ultimate smug marrieds. It seems they have an idyllic platonic relationship; they share an apartment and genuinely like spending every waking moment together. Conversely, “we just get on each other’s nerves until one of us snaps,” Scott jokes. I’ve never seen Tessa snap. Just saying.

"We just get on each other’s nerves until one of us snaps,” Scott jokes. 

After a week of shot nerves, Tessa and Scott have a talk about the tension between them. Scott says he’s sorry. They both want to reconnect. On the ice, the mood lifts. Scott is back to his charming self. He jokes lightheartedly with Tessa and Marina followed by a delightful dance sequence. We’re back on track.

The pair go for costume fitting in Toronto. Their dressmaker brings out some adorable old competition photos of Tessa and Scott in the various costumes she’s made for them over the last decade. There’s a shot of them aged 13 and 15 that suggests they are true soul mates. Kate Virtue is there to consult on the costume direction and I like her style. The costumes lean towards traditional ballroom style and look really sharp.

Then, after this short run of sunshine, a dark cloud falls upon them. Scott’s back gives out during a lift and stops him short in his tracks. Injuries aren’t on the schedule and this could seriously derail them. Scott is beside himself and Tessa feels helpless. Having just seen photos of the pair competing together since they were kids, it hits home how a random injury could thwart everything they’ve worked for.

Next week: Will Scott’s back injury hurt their chances of winning gold? Or, will it “melt the ice between them?” We go with Scott and Tessa to the first international competition of the season.

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