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Tessa & Scott: Episode 2 Recap

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Kate Calder, iVillage.ca

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January 10, 2014

Note: This blog contains spoilers about episode 2.

Episode two takes us through an intense week in Toronto for Tessa and Scott, where they take on a Skate Canada training camp and a series of press interviews. Tessa speaks about their complex relationship that isn’t quite like a marriage, but also isn’t like a brother/sister dynamic either. Cut to Scott spending time with his non-skating girlfriend Cassandra, which we learn is a nine month relationship.

Before the two step foot on the ice, they attend a press event hosted by sponsor RBC, where they give a speech in front of a crowd of other Olympians, the press, the Minister of Sport and several mucky mucks. They’re nervous but it’s cute how they play off each other up at the podium. I’ve seen these two at a press event and what you see is what you get. They are charming and genuine and really do finish each other’s sentences. Scott tells us the press always wants to know if they are dating and that it’s hard to explain. Cut to Tessa telling a journalist, “it’s something we should figure out.” 

Another journo asks Scott what he’ll pack for Olympics. “I know it’s a bit cocky, but two condoms!” he says. Har har! Oh, Scott, you’re terrible! He says he has this confusing good boy/bad boy image. Scott, a whole box of condoms, now that would be bad boy. 

Another journo asks Scott what he’ll pack for Olympics. “I know it’s a bit cocky, but two condoms!” he says.

Back to the training camp, Tessa and Scott are among Canada’s top skaters whizzing by one another during practice sessions before they will perform their two programs for a panel of international judges. The opinions of the judges are highly respected and their feedback is taken seriously as a critical path for the competitive season.

The two take the ice for their Finnstep short dance. Often when elite athletes complain about a shoddy performance, to the untrained eye it’s impossible to tell what they’re talking about. However, Tessa visibly totters her way through a twizzle and there’s a reaction shot from Coach Marina that confirms what you just saw. At the end they are drained and the judges hold nothing back with criticism about everything from their pacing to the use of their blades. Those of you itching for more Tessa and Scott romance speculation might want more coy talk, but to me this is fascinating.

Tessa is crushed and explains that this kind of lack lustre performance makes her feel like a bad skater and a terrible person. I want to give her a hug. And then do our nails. 

Soon after we get a glimpse of a recent photospread featuring Tessa all decked out in sexy “athletic” gear. She looks awesome, and I’m no prude, but seeing her posing in a lad mag pains me a bit. Nevertheless, Scott says he got calls from all his buddies the day the photos came out. No doubt.

Former Olympian Marnie McBean gives a talk to the athletes. She speaks about minimizing distractions and what it’s like to walk into the cafeteria at the athletes’ village. It sounds irrelevant, but it makes total sense. When you’re so nervous you can’t even speak in complete sentences, it’s comforting to know exactly what to expect. In a private conversation with Marnie, Tessa explains what this series is all leading up to, that anything less than a gold medal will be disappointing. Marnie says, “You don’t have to be perfect.” I think Coach Marina would disagree. But I get that Marnie is easing her nerves.

The pressure is mounting as Tessa and Scott approach their free dance performance for the judges. If they reject the program, it’s back to the drawing board. Tessa is coming apart and makes a tearful call home to her mother for some perspective and soothing advice. We see her lying alone on the floor of an arena lobby. I like this real look at the alienation and stress that comes with being a career figure skater. 

Their free dance, performed in practice gear, goes over well with the experts. Afterward Tessa is totally happy and relieved and says it was vintage Virture-Moir. And with that she goes into a dressing room and pukes.

With the training camp portion over, there’s just one more press event on the schedule, a swanky HELLO! Canada TIFF party. However, Scott has had enough and chooses to go back to London, Ontario early, leaving Tessa to attend the event without him. As I suspected he forgoes the party for an evening with Cassandra. Tessa watches him leave the hotel and, without playing on their quasi romantic dynamic, it does feel lonely to see him leave.

Tessa is stunning in a white dress with black detail and fits right in with the coiffed TIFF crowd.

Tessa is stunning in a white dress with black detail and fits right in with the coiffed TIFF crowd. She admits it’s weird not to have Scott by her side during interviews but the lovely Patrick Chan is there, which takes the edge off. Away from the ice, she says it’s nice to feel like a normal person. Most normal people don’t get invited to film festival parties or photographed on step and repeats, but I guess it’s more normal than the daily grind of a world-class ice dancer.

Look who it is, Jian Ghomeshi. He tells Tessa he’s going to be in Sochi and asks her if she’d like to hang out. Tessa’s voice over talks about dating and reiterates how virtually impossible it would be for her to have a relationship while training. In my experience, dating is hard, period. Olympics or no Olympics. So, I’m glad to see she gives him a smile and her number. Well done!

Heading to London, Ontario, Scott says it’s good for him and Tessa to have separate lives and do their own things. On that note we end with Scott and Cassandra getting some couch time in front of the TV. Ah, so this is a real relationship.

Next time:

Scott shirtless! Scott and Patrick Chan get competitive on a go-kart track. Marina cracks her whip. Scott’s emotions run high during training. 

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