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Tessa & Scott: Episode 5 Recap

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Kate Calder, iVillage.ca

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January 31, 2014

Note: This blog contains spoilers about episode 5.

Last week, Tessa and Scott competed at Skate Canada in Saint John, New Brunswick with ho-hum results and will need to do better at the next Grand Prix event in Paris. Just in case you missed it, we’re given an extended close up of Scott’s face in the best expression ever to happen in a kiss and cry. Someone please meme that.

Back in Michigan, Coach Marina is making major changes to their choreography. They are learning new material with just a week to prepare, which is risky. Tessa says they have to trust that Marina has their best interests at heart because she also teaches their biggest competitors. She is wearing a Roots Canada hoodie and I wonder if she switches that out for a USA sweatshirt when she’s with Meryl and Charlie.

Next, Johnny Johns takes Tessa and Scott through a mind boggling spreadsheet of every element and point value in their program. The footwork is a very high-value element, but they only scored a level two. Unacceptable. Also, those twizzles! Scott needs to bend the knee a little bit more and quicker, the next time he steps onto his twisting foot. Are you following? Don’t worry, the point here is that it’s incredibly complicated. Skating is a job and this is the performance evaluation. Every nuance and nano second of this program has to be packed with technical movements and executed perfectly to gain points.

Later Scott Skypes with Cassandra. He says, “You look cute,” in a voice that couples should only ever use when they know they are definitely alone. Scott interviews that he would love to spend more time with Cassandra. But at the same time, he loves spending time with Tessa. As obvious as the editing is at suggesting unrequited romance, Tessa and Scott give the producers a lot to go on in this episode. And this comment is just the beginning.

He says, “You look cute,” in a voice that couples should only ever use when they know they are definitely alone. 

Cassandra says she’s “totally” excited for Paris. So, Cassandra is going to Paris? Scott tells us there haven’t been many opportunities for Cassandra and Tessa to meet. Tessa thinks Scott could be stalling on an intro because what he and Tessa share is something so special that it’s hard for someone on the outside looking in to understand. See what I mean? In the next segment Tessa and Scott attend a sponsorship event at an Acura dealership in London, Ontario. They pose for pictures, give a podium speech and cut a ribbon. An older gentleman tells her she’s much prettier in person than on TV. 

Next, we are treated to the shenanigans these two apparently get up to in their non-skating lives. Scott hangs with his old buddies for some good ol’ beer drinking, ATVing and skeet shooting. After his skating career is over, he sees himself on a farm living the country boy life.

Tessa says she and Scott lead very different lives off the ice and are very different people in every sense. For example, Tessa would never pee outdoors, especially when she knew a camera crew was in full view.

Cut to Tessa carrying golf clubs at a country club and looking ultra preppy with her brother and father, Casey and Jim Virtue. Tessa says she’ll be able to play golf every Sunday morning next year when skating is over. I think Tessa and Scott are romanticizing the kind of normal lives that bore the heck out of the rest of us.

“Weekends are what I live for,” says Tessa as we cut to a bottle of bubbly being popped in a hot tub with a gaggle of her friends in bikinis. Champagne in hand, Tessa asks for advice on picking up guys. One friend says women should just do their thing and be themselves and if a guy is into you, he’ll come to you. This is the wisest advice any woman has said, ever. There’s some more Venus vs. Mars talk amongst the ladies and when asked about her own romantic interests, Tessa expertly deflects the question.

Tessa says she and Scott lead very different lives off the ice and are very different people in every sense.

Now back to business, Tessa and Scott fly to Paris for their next Grand Prix. Scott says practice ice is a like a dress rehearsal where they try out their programs in costume to feel out the ice and the arena. However, just like at home they have to share the ice with other teams. During a run-through, they narrowly miss crashing into another couple. Scott says when someone’s music is on, you stay out of their way. The offending French ice dance couple skates over to apologize and they all exchange double cheek kisses. Ice dancing is so civilized.

That French kiss segues nicely into a lovely montage of Tessa and Scott spending quality time together in Paris. There are shots of Tessa gazing at Scott on the Seine. She says she likes hanging out with him off the ice and that it’s too bad they have to come all the way to Paris to do that. She worries that when they finish skating, they will go their separate ways and only talk once a year.

As luck would have it, Jean-Marc Généreux is in town judging So You Think You Can Dance. He joins Tessa and Scott for dinner and reminds them that their performance is not a “program”, but a “story.” Among all the technical focus, they also have to remember the chemistry. “You know she loves you!” he says to Scott. We know, Jean-Marc, we know!

Alas, Cassandra arrives in Paris. She takes a spot in the stands by herself, while Tessa and Scott warm up off the ice. These backstage moments totally stress me out. There’s no experience in the world more nerve-wracking than waiting your turn to go on the ice. Tessa and Scott do their pre-skate embrace and then take the ice as the announcer calls out their names. And we are left hanging…

Next time: There’s controversy at the competition. Scott strolls through Paris with Cassandra. Later he tells Tessa that he loves their time together and just wants to enjoy their last moments.

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