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Reasons We Love Jesse Metcalfe

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August 18, 2016

As we wait for the second season of Chesapeake Shores to debut this fall, we're counting down the many reasons we can't get enough of TV star Jesse Metcalfe.

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He Plays the Bad Boy…

In Chesapeake Shores, Metcalfe’s Trace Riley is dark and brooding to the core. He’s working as a contractor to clear his head after life as a musician on the road – and it’s clear he’s still hurting from him and Abby’s fallout. But behind the sultry sulk is something more, as you’ll see as the season progresses.

…But He’s a Romantic in Real Life
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Metcalfe proposed to his longtime girlfriend, Cara Santana, just recently! With a 5.5-carat ring he designed himself. On a sailboat in the middle of the Hudson River in New York. With Eric Clapton’s Pretty Girl playing. Obviously, she said ‘Yes!’

He’s Secretly a Singer

His song Begin Again is featured in Chesapeake Shores. Before that, he stole our hearts as crooning country boy Bradley Suttons in A Country Wedding and he sings the title track for an indie film Loaded he filmed years ago. Plus in some ways, he’s not too different from Chesapeake’s Trace Riley, because he used to be in a band. Watch Begin Again below!

Those Abs Though…
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Tattoos. Tanned. Toned. If we were desperate housewives, we’d hire him as our pool boy any day! 

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