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Outlander: Top 10 Jamie & Claire Moments

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Miranda Madden

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September 5, 2017

Claire and Jamie stole our hearts in Season 1 of Outlander, and they've held them all the way through Season 2. While we wait for the Season 3 premiere Sunday, September 10 at 9 E/P, we figured it was a good idea to count down our top 10 favourite moments involving our time-crossed lovers. Here we go! 

10. First Encounters 
When Claire thinks she's managed to escape her Clansmen entourage, Jamie shows up and gives her the option of being carried or walking. Either way, she's coming along. It's fun to see where our two lovers started. 

9. Always Comforting
Claire, distressed over the very traumatizing fact that she has been thrust back in time, breaks down. Jamie comforts her, and we get to witness his tender side, and the small moment the two of them share is enough to make us want more and more. 

8. The "I Do Love You" Moment
After presenting Claire with a beautiful gift for her and the coming baby, Claire is overcome with uncertainty in her own skills as a mother. Jamie comforts Claire and reassures her that they are in this together. And then this happens:idoloveyou

7. "You Are My Home Now"
While explaining the origin of Claire's ring as the key to Lallybroch, Jamie tells her that he doesn't miss it as much as he once did. He says she's his home now, and that hits Claire just as much as it hits us. Right in the feels.

6. Jamie Sleeping Outside Claire's Door
When Claire hears something outside her door in the night, she opens it to find Jamie lying there. After some confusion, he reveals that he decided to guard her door in case any unwanted visitors wandered by. She invites him into her room, but he gets so flustered and embarrassed that it would make anyone smile. So she settles for giving him her blanket, with some eye contact and hand touching thrown in. 

5. The Wedding (!!!)
Contrary to present day, the wedding of Claire and Jamie was the true starting point to their romance. The entire episode centered around their marriage, and hearing Jamie talk about the vows and the ring is enough to melt anyone's heart. 

4. Never Giving Up
When Claire offers herself up to the British soldiers to save the rest, Jamie is not too pleased. But Claire is determined to stand her own, pointing out that the men are her responsibility as much as his, as she is Lady Broch Tuarach. 

3. The First Time They Said "I Love You"
Jamie tells Claire that he's loved her since she cried in his arms at Castle Leoch, and you can see how much it moves her. For the first time, we hear Claire tell Jamie she loves him. It's a truly beautiful scene, and one of our ultimate favourites. 

2. When Jamie Believes Her
Who would believe a person that says they're from the future? Jamie does. He trusts in Claire and loves her so much that even when she says something unbelievable, he doesn't doubt her even for a moment. That kind of bond is something special. 

1. When Claire Chooses to Stay With Jamie 
Jamie takes Claire to Craigh na Dun and lets her go, because he believes that is what's best for her as well as what she truly wants. Instead, Claire finds Jamie at his camp and tells him to take her home to Lallybroch. Gives us goosebumps every. single. time. 

Watch the season 3 premiere of Outlander Sunday, September 10 at 9 E/P!