Outlander: Top 10 Claire Fraser Moments

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Outlander: Top 10 Claire Fraser Moments

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Miranda Madden

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August 29, 2017

Claire Fraser is, without a doubt, one of the strongest female characters we've ever come across. With season 3 premiering Sunday, September 10 at 9 E/P, we've have been compiling our favourite moments of the series! 

10. Discipline? Not on her watch! 

Known for being a controversial scene from the books, Jamie takes it upon himself to discipline Claire for putting the men in danger by running away. It is in this scene that we truly realize that Jamie is a man from another time, but Claire isn't going to let him off that easy. We couldn't help but laugh as she put Jamie through just as much pain - if not more! - than he put her through. 

9. Exposing the Comte  

Claire, with her knowledge of medicine and history, knows the signs of smallpox when she sees them. She has no hesitation in exposing the men's disease for what it truly is, despite the consequences she may face for doing so. The defiance with which she speaks to the Comte just makes it all the sweeter. 

8. Saving Master Raymond 

Another time that Claire showed disregard for her own safety to save another. Her newfound friendship with Master Raymond in Paris was a relationship that we all saw as special. He was one of the only people she trusted while in France. When she hears of threats being made against people under suspicion of sorcery, she rushes to the Apothecary to warn her friend. 

7. La Dame Blanche 

Under pressure by the King, Claire is forced to act as "La Dame Blanche". We see how much of a quick thinker she is, and how she will do as necessary to protect herself and her friend, Master Raymond. This episode was entirely centered around that theme, with Claire being fully capable of taking care of herself when she has to. 

6. Not meek and obedient 

Finally home at Lallybroch, Claire finds it hard to hold her tongue during confrontations between Jamie and his sister, Jenny. Jamie explains to her that in this time, it is better if she voices her displeasure in private, so that they can stand as a united front. Claire ultimately agrees, but warns him that she will continue to voice her opinions. 

5. Giving Laoghaire a "potion" 

We loved Claire's imagination here, when Laoghaire asks her for a love potion to capture Jamie's heart. Instead of a love potion, Laoghaire receives horse's dung, though she doesn't know it. We laughed a little at how ecstatic she was when Claire gave it to her. Little did she know... Poor Jamie! 

4. The Dress 

The confidence was radiating off of Claire in this scene. Although the revealing nature of the dress shocks Jamie, Claire remains firm. She explains that she helped design the dress, and that she was definitely going to be wearing it with pride. She looks absolutely stunning as well. Poor Murtagh looked like he had to pick his jaw up off the floor. 

3. Claire & Jenny on the road 

The girl power was strong in this episode. We see Claire and Jenny set out to track Jamie, who has been captured by the red coats. If there was a spinoff series following their adventures, we'd totally watch. Determined to find her husband, Claire would have set off on her own had Jenny not insisted on coming. We love the bravery. 

2. Being a "hostage" 

Claire was absolutely marvelous in this scene. Thinking on her feet as always, she pretends to be a hostage of the Scottish to get information from the British soldier they have managed to capture. It was amusing to watch Jamie struggle, because Claire was committed to selling the story as well as possible. And we have to give her credit, because it must have been hard to pretend not to enjoy this: 

1. Meant to be 

This had to be one of the hardest things to go through, for both Claire and Jamie. But after tremendous struggle, she manages to get the story of Wentworth Prison from him. Jamie expects not to be forgiven, to be thrown away, and even goes so far as to say that he cannot be her husband any longer. Claire does not and will not accept that, and Jamie will have to deal with it. 

Tune in to the season 3 premiere of Outlander Sunday, September 10 at 9 E/P.