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Outlander Exclusive: Caitriona Balfe on Claire's Struggles in Season 3

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Natalia Buia

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September 18, 2017

When season 3 of Outlander premiered last week, we saw Jamie survived the Battle of Culloden but fell at the mercy of the British victors. And we saw Claire having a tough time adjusting to domestic life with her husband Frank in 1940s Boston. The second episode further explored Claire's grief over Jamie (who she still believes is dead) and the difficulty having to raise Brianna in a loveless marriage. 

When Caitriona Balfe spoke with W Network, she revealed that there is a tiny light at the end of the tunnel for her character Claire. 

"One thing we always examine is how do people move on and how does life evolve over time? I think we’re going to stay with these characters in figuring out how they both cope with each other not being in their lives. But I do think we hit a moment of hope!" she says. "It’s a mixed bag. [Claire and Jamie] are always living on life’s edge. There’s always going to be moments of tragedy. Once we see Jamie and Claire together there’s much more joy and hope." 

But how long will fans wait to see their favourite couple reunite? 

In episode 2, Mary MacNab offers Jamie some much needed human comfort and although he first hesitates, he eventually gives in. A sign that, perhaps, he's ready to let go of Claire and move on. 

Claire, in her timeline, is also hesitant to give up the ghost. Caitriona says that with the arrival of Claire's daughter, Brianna, she will find a way to make the life she does have a success. 

"What we really love to play with —Tobias [who plays Frank Randall] and I—is that it’s not just that Claire's in love with somebody else and doesn’t want anything to do with Frank. It’s much more complicated than that. She is trying to reach out and trying to find a way to love him again, but it’s beyond her capabilities. But this child is a real connector between her and Frank. And you get those glimpses and you can almost believe this is a possibility. Maybe these two can actually make it work, even though it’s not perfect! But the tragedy of it is they can’t give each other what they need." 

As we saw in the final scene in episode 2, even the sound of bagpipes is a trigger for Claire, and memories of Jamie may never fade away. Let's hope that aforementioned light at the end of the tunnel is even closer than it appears. 

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