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Outlander: All the Reasons We'll Miss Dougal MacKenzie

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Miranda Madden

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September 7, 2017

Warning: This article contains spoilers from Season 2 of Outlander.

Our hearts were shocked in the season 2 finale as it felt like we were losing everything. Among many things, we lost Dougal Mackenzie, a character that's been with us since the beginning. There's a lot of reasons to miss such an interesting character, and here's a few of ours: 

Graham McTavish
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An absolutely amazing actor for an unforgettable character. We’ll definitely miss seeing Graham McTavish bring Dougal to life. The accent, the beard, the scowl, everything! He really made Dougal the kind of character you couldn’t help but love. 

He was nice… Sometimes? 
Okay, we’re not about to say that Dougal was Mr. Nice Guy, but he had his moments. It was his idea to bring our two lovers together, remember, and we have to thank him for that at least, even if it was to serve his own interests… 

He never gave up a chance to show how tough he was 
Remember that game of Shinty from the first season? Dougal just flew into the situation without any warning, ruining all in his path. We have to admit, it was very entertaining to watch, and we might have laughed a little at the poor folk who got in his way. 

He had a soft side 
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We first got to see a different side of Dougal during the death of Geordie in the first season, where he held a dying man as he took his last breaths, all the while trying to calm him down. We got to see this side of him again as he experienced the death of his brother, Colum. He wasn’t as stony in disposition as he would have liked us to believe. 

He was unpredictable 
You could never expect what would come from Dougal. He saved Claire from being assaulted, and then turned around and tried to assault her himself. One moment you love him, another you hate him, and another you just don’t know what to feel at all. 

His undying love for Scotland
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Honestly, Scotland was probably the only thing that Dougal ever truly loved more than himself. His dedication to the Jacobite cause may have seemed foolish to us, knowing how it would play out, but it all boiled down to his devotion to Scotland. If that isn’t admirable, we don’t know what is. 

Dougal’s scenes with Jamie 
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The power struggle was real with these two. They had a complicated family relationship, with many displays of dominance needed from either one. They competed in many ways, though as we observe in the final scene of the two of them, there is some kind of respect there. It was sad that it had to happen that way between the two of them. 

Claire’s scenes with Dougal 
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The way these two bantered was endlessly entertaining. Claire wouldn’t take any of Dougal’s nonsense, and he wouldn’t stop trying to win her over in one way or another. Caitriona and Graham did an amazing job giving these two characters such tension between them. 

In short, we loved Dougal, and we’ll miss him. We’re really sad to see such a strong, exciting, and unpredictable character leave the show. We love you Dougal, and we won’t forget you!

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