Outlander: 10 Times We Fell in Love with Jamie Fraser

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Outlander: 10 Times We Fell in Love with Jamie Fraser

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Miranda Madden

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August 17, 2017

WARNIING: This post contains spoilers of season 1 and season 2 of Outlander.

Who isn't in love with James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser? That's the real question, because he has so many amazing moments that we had a hard time picking only ten. So for our Top 10 Jamie Fraser moments, see below! 

10. Je Suis Prest 

We hadn't known Jamie for long at this point, but his witty charm and bravery didn't take long to win us over. During The Gathering, Jamie's attempts to avoid the festivities are thwarted when Claire attempts to escape Castle Leoch. Jamie selflessly escorts her back to the castle and in doing so is forced to take part in the oath-giving ceremony. In this moment we see Jamie ask Claire if she knows his clan's motto, to which she replies that she does not. He says "Je suis prest" with such pride that it makes our hearts flutter. 

9. Running Into Annalise 

This moment was so comically adorable that we couldn't help but laugh. Jamie's embarrassment was endearing, and it was a side of him we hadn't really seen before. Watching him squirm under the affectionate touch of Annalise as Claire watched was a new kind of comedy from the show. It was like putting high school drama into the 18th century, and we loved it. 

8. Standing Up For Jenny 

As Jamie tells Claire of his "criminal" past, we see a flashback of the painful events that led to the price on his head. Jamie's loyalty and willingness to die to protect his sister is a reflection of the type of man he is. This scene was one of the first to show who Jamie truly is, and we love him for it. 

7. Making His Mother Proud

This scene is but one of a collection of amazing scenes from the wedding episode. We see Jamie talking to Murtagh in the stables, where Murtagh has just returned from collecting Fraser clothes for Jamie to wear on his wedding day. We're privy to a thoughtful exchange between the two, as they talk about Jamie's mother as well as his bride-to-be. Jamie's concern over his mother being proud of him is so endearing, and definitely made us fall for him. We think we may have fell in love with Murtagh a bit here as well... (What? He's a sweetheart!) 

6. Leading Into Battle

Jamie is no coward, and we see that a lot in Season 2, as the need to fight grows. This moment stood out to us during Prestonpans, because we see Jamie a lot as a leader, and this is where he really proves his worth. He leads his men, going headfirst into battle ahead of his soldiers. We see a contrast here between him and Prince Charles, who, although a leader of the rebellion, is not included in the fighting whatsoever. We like a strong, brave man, and Jamie is definitely that. 

5. Blessing Over Claire 

What a tender moment. We see Claire, asleep, and Jamie standing over her, speaking a beautiful blessing over her in Gaelic. Jamie may be a warrior, but he has a tender heart. This moment definitely had us wishing we were Claire. (Don't we always?) 

4. Taking Laoghaire's Punishment 

Another early moment for Jamie, but an important one. He's brave, selfless, and definitely a little bit reckless. While still harbouring an injured shoulder, he volunteers to take the punishment of Laoghaire, to spare her any humiliation. Claire's reaction pretty much mirrors our own, but you can't help but fall for Jamie in this moment, especially with that cheeky smile. 

3. Baby Talk

Many of our favourite moments are when we see the soft side of Jamie. At this point, he's been through a lot, and the loss of Faith is still fresh in his heart. We see Claire wake up to find Jamie sitting by the fire with his niece, speaking softly to her in Gaelic. It's such a sweet moment, and it would make anyone swoon. 

2. Marriage 

Having just been married, Jamie tells Claire what that truly means to him:  that she has not only his protection, but the benefit of everyone that would protect him as well. In this moment, we're watching as Claire slowly falls in love with Jamie, and we follow suit. 

1. Tummy Talk

This scene really gets us. You can see the emotions playing out on Jamie's face (a fabulous job by Sam Heughan, as always) as he talks to his child. We can feel the love radiating from him, for Claire and the baby. This is such a special moment, and you can't help but let it win your heart. 

Season 3 of Outlander premieres Sunday, September 10 at 9 E/P.