Nashville S6E8 Recap: The Mid-Season Finale

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Nashville S6E8 Recap: The Mid-Season Finale

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Russ Martin

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February 26, 2018

Let’s sound the alarm bells one last time for Juliette. Avery returns to Nashville this week without his wife, who’s dug in her kitten heels in Bolivia. His returning sans Juliette is a frightening marker showing just how entangled she is in Darius’ world.

The warning signs have been apparent for weeks, but it’s crystal clear now Darius has successfully extracted Juliette from her support system and convinced her that the friends and family who’ve had her back for years are “toxic.”

But, as Avery is now realizing, Juliette's the toxic one. Avery’s been through rehab, a plane crash, and a suicide attempt with Juliette. Her running off to a foreign country with a cult is the last straw. Abandoning her husband and child is a whole new height of selfishness, even for Juliette. What’s even sadder, though, is that she’s repeating the cycle of childhood damage she’s ostensibly trying to heal with her self work.

Avery admits to Deacon he’s checked out of the relationship and refuses to “spend the rest of his life waiting on the next emergency.” Fair enough. You can’t blame the guy – he’s stood by Juliette through hell, but everyone has their breaking point.

Avery puts his wedding ring away and we’ll have to wait until Nashville returns this summer to see if he ever puts it back on.

While Avery’s feeling defeated by Darius and his dark arts, Deacon’s facing a Voldemort of his own. Brad Maitland's trying to get his claws into Daphne. He got into her head last week and now Daphne’s determined she’s ready to launch her music career. Deacon forbids her from entering Brad’s local American Idol-style contest, Nashville’s Next Country Star, so she starts talking about releasing an EP instead.

Deacon thinks she’s too young, but Daphne finds a perhaps unlikely ally in Jessie, who thinks she’s showing drive and ambition. Daphne needs to wake up and realize she’s not Nashville’s Cinderella and that Jessie is anything but an evil stepmother.

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Daphne’s a brooding teen, so of course she goes behind Deacon’s back and auditions for the contest under the name Daphne Conrad, which – duh! – doesn’t fool Brad. 

Deacon freaks out when he finds out, but he eventually comes around. Daphne tells him singing in the audition was the first time she’s felt happy since Rayna died, which feels like a bit of a manipulation, but she can have this one.

She – again, duh! – gets selected and Deacon shows up to cheer her on like a proud papa.

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Time will tell whether associating with Brad will blow up in Daphne and Deacon’s faces (it will), but for the time being Deacon has a bigger Brad-related problem on his hands...

Just as things are finally, finally, FINALLY on track for Deacon and Jessie, Jessie’s got a big mess at home. After Jake's public explosion at school last week, Brad’s trying to send him to boarding school. It’s a thinly-veiled attempt to make Jessie’s life hell and get back at her for dating Deacon, not to mention yet another reminder not to trust anyone who wears tinted glasses.

Brad accuses Jessie of holding Brad back and calls her the “apoche helicopter of parents,” which is actually a pretty good burn, even though he’s a monster. Jessie claps back with surprising ferociousness. Don’t poke mama bear!  

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Jake freaks out and refuses to go to his dad’s place if he’s being sent to boarding school.

It devolves into a pretty nasty situation. When Brad rips Jake up from the couch by his shirt, Deacon steps in.

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Bad move! His heart’s in the right place, but with his track record in court – and Jessie’s – there’s no way this will turn out well for them.

Elsewhere in Nashville, Scarlett’s still nursing her spooked horse of a love interest, Sean. She invites him to a gig at the Bluebird and he shows up wasted. His PTSD is manifesting in a very serious drinking problem. Being forced to confront live music again does him good, though, and he ends up writing a song called “Bring me an Angel” that’s def about Scarlett. It’s sweet but...what’s up with his wife? We haven’t heard from her again!

Now, a few asides about Scarlett. First, her hair looks really good right now. Not when it's tucked under a slouchy toque but when it’s curly and blowing in the wind. Screaming in a back alley is a beauty look that just works for her.

Two, can we talk about how she’s randomly carrying around cats now? Is she into feline therapy, too?

Lastly, what’s up with the pink handkerchief around the neck every single time she’s on the ranch? She’s really committing to the look.

While Scarlett’s riding her Horse Girl wave, Will’s decidedly worse for wear and feeling the impact of quitting steroids cold turkey. Aside from cold sweats, one of the side effects is apparently acting like a spoiled man child. Will’s got to let the Alannah thing go. He’s no longer The Last Highways’ centre stage pretty boy, but adding Alannah has given the band a jump start to success, and isn’t that the goal?

After whining his way into singing lead over Alannah on their TV debut on The Chew, Will shows up a shaky mess and get the spins part way into their first song.

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It’s like something out of 24 Hour Party People. Then he full on collapses on stage.

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As medics are called in, the last words we hear are “no pulse.”

Nashville returns Thursday, June 7 at 9 E/P!