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Nashville S6E6 Recap: Introducing...The Lost Highways

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Russ Martin

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February 9, 2018

Where in the world is Juliette Barnes? Ostensibly, Bolivia. But also, like, could somebody check? Last week she had a moment of tenderness with Avery then straight up disappeared. Now she’s gone, not having left so much as a note, like a deadbeat dad who said he was going out for a pack of cigarettes and never came home.

She didn’t ever make up an excuse! At the very least, couldn’t she FaceTime? How ‘bout a text? If she’s with Darius out of range of wifi, she’s a total goner. Avery’s preoccupied with the band and a crying, restless baby, but bud, your wife skipped town. He says Juliette will only be gone a couple of weeks, but can we be so sure? What if the “movement” in Movement For Coherent Philosophy is literal, like moving out of the country?

Someone needs to slap her face on the side of a milk carton before it’s too late.

On to happier topics...

WE’VE GOT A NAME! The boy band without a name is now a boy-girl band *with* a name. The Last Highways. It’s better than nothing, but it’s not great. To quote the burgeoning band's new (sorta) fan, Robert Knight from Twitter: “Your band name sucks, your chick singer rocks.”

Alannah's addition to the band was met with rave reviews from everyone but Will, who’s being a serious stick in the mud about the new female presence in the group. Like, sorry Will, but you’re going to need to get on board. Being a fan of strong female singers is kind of prerequisite for being gay, bud. Did the bureau forget to tell you?

Will’s worried Alannah’s changing everything. And she is, but in a positive way. He’s acting like a jerk and seems like he’s probably roid’ing out. Or maybe having withdrawal? Either way, he needs to cut the drugs and all the muscle powder shakes and call up that cutie from the gym for a little at-home workout.

Will may have his doubts, but Gunner’s fallen hook, line, and sinker for Alannah. In typical Gunner fashion, he is, as Will puts it, in the fast lane with her.

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The boys try to remind him the last time he slept with a musical partner he ended up in The Exes, on tour with his on-and-off-and-on-and-off-and-on-and-off again girlfriend.

It’s obviously no use. Gunner arranges a date to get to know Alannah’s “music” better. We learn Alannah grew up on Emmylou Harris and Loretta Lynn and had her share of family trouble, but as soon as that’s out of the way, the kissing begins.

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Who knows? Maybe Alannah’s exactly what Gunner needs. She seems pretty great. She’s quick, soulful, talented, and beautiful. He could do way, way worse. But even if she IS great for him, coupling up will NOT be great for the band. When she becomes the Gwen Stefani to their No Doubt, he’ll be stuck playing Tony as she goes off and tours her solo album, leaving The Last Highways in the dust.

Speaking of, the solo offers are already coming in. Brad Maitland is already sniffing around and creepily offers Alannah his card. He’s probably just trolling Deacon and Jessie, but she’s too new to town to know that.

While we’re – kind of – on the topic of what Gunner needs, can we add a haircut to the list? He’s on a real journey with those roots.

While Gunner’s off experimenting with bleach and lust, his last musical-slash-romantic partner is back on the ranch, where her celeb cover is totally blown. The teenagers have recognized her and now she’s singing for her supper in between shovelling manure out of the stalls.

She’s also got a dreamy and damaged new pet project, Sean (played by the suuuuuper cute IRL singer songwriter Jake Etheridge), who has been overseas with the military and is dealing with some serious PTSD. Scarlett spots him in town late one night drunkenly stumbling through the streets. She brings him home to crash on her couch and we learn he gave up music after seeing his old musical partner killed in combat.

Scarlett’s the first person to get through to him and towards the end of the episode we see him with him guitar again, playing beautifully.

It’s not the only breakthrough of the week. Daphne finally comes around to Jessie – but not before a streak of brooding, bratty teenage behaviour. She gives Jessie some serious sass while she and Jake are made to play hopelessly bored tagalongs on their parents' art fair date.

Honestly, it was a surprise either of them diverted their attention away from their phones for long enough for a wisecrack.

Deacon gambles on a dinner aimed at the four of them sorting everything out. Jake seems apathetic, as per usual, but not necessarily down on the idea of Deacon dating his mom. And why would he be? His father is a monster in tinted glasses, so pretty much anyone would be an upgrade. 

Daphne’s another story.

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She throws a fit and Jessie has to chase her up to her room, where they finally get to talk without Deacon around. Jessie levels with Daphne and really opens up to her and it actually works. They both end up in tears, but in a good way.

After weeks of feeling slighted, Jessie says exactly what Daphne needs to hear: “I’m not trying to replace your mother. I couldn’t and I wouldn’t.”

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