Nashville S6E5 Recap: Everyone's Got Relationship Drama

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Nashville S6E5 Recap: Everyone's Got Relationship Drama

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February 2, 2018

Maddie’s got beef! Turns out Jonah may not have been as done with his last relationship as he let Maddie believe. At least that’s what’s to be gleaned from Mia Forster’s new Maddie James diss track.

The cringery, oh-so-literal song goes like this: “You took what’s mine, now I gotta clip your wings, I know what’s up, you’re stepping on our love. Maddie J, you’re in the way.”

But that’s nothing compared to the video…

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YIKES. As fun as it would be to marinate in the Lindsay Lohan-Hilary Duff-Aaron Carter of it all, Jonah swears up and down he ended things with Mia before getting together with Maddie. Aside: never buy that line without talking to the other party. At any rate, Jonah tries to pull up on Maddie while she’s out for a walk with a couple of SUVs, but his drive-by apology turns into a paparazzi swarm. It’s a nightmare.

Maddie gets some sage advice from Deacon, who, in a way, has been there via his relationship with Rayna: when you get involved with someone that famous, it’s very easy to lose yourself in their life.

All the fatherly advice in the world won’t stop Jonah from showing up on their stoop, where Maddie dismisses not him, but actually Deacon. (Bye dad!)

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Jonah gives the old Justin Bieber celebrity woe is me speech, which feels worn but Maddie buys it anyways. There's no accounting for age. She drops her plans to be by Jonah’s side at his EP launch. Bad move! Maddie, you want the press to leave you alone, what are you doing out with him at a promo event? Jonah’s feeding her a lot of lines about how he wants a normal life and a normal relationship, but kissing her in front of a bunch of cameras is a total stunt, whether or not he realizes it. 

He must realize it, right?

Elsewhere, the Boy Band Without a Name is still without a name. Can we call them Will, Guns + Ave? Pronounce ay-ve, of course. These guys desperately, desperately need a name. They also decide they need a female voice in the mix, a la Lady Antebellum, since Gunner, well, sucks at singing the high parts.

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That they aren’t sticking with last week’s detour into teenbopper boy band covers will break some hearts – namely, Jessie’s – but this actually sounds like a great idea. It worked for Little Big Town, right?

After a string of duds, they wander into a bar to discover a freebird who just flew into town, Alanna. A coffee date later, and they have themselves a four-piece band. Alanna’s got the chops and fits in right away, killing it at a gig they throw at her without any notice. Still, the straight male half of this new, still nameless outfit should tread lightly with their new, super talented, super pretty touring mate. Have they ever listened to the lyrics of Fleetwood Mac?

Speaking of hot and cold love affairs, Deacon and Jessie once again take us through a saga of on, off, and on again in the course of a single episode. Or maybe it was off, on, off, on. Or off, off, on, on, on, off! It’s getting hard to keep track.

Let’s start at the beginning: they’re finally just kicking it, flirting over burgers and fries on a low key date at a diner. Dessert’s a super steamy makeout sesh in Deacon’s truck.

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Then they get caught up in condom talk and things get awkward. From on to off! They keep setting everything up to be A Thing. These two have serious chemistry, but they stumble at every single stage of their relationship.

So it’s off, but then Deacon makes a call to set up their first ever sleepover and it’s on again!

Before the big date, Deacon looks just like a high school kid checking himself out in the mirror and giving one of his buttons a pop. He’s a second away from giving himself a spray of AXE.

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When the date finally comes, he breaks down in tears just as things get hot and heavy. Off again! Jessie ends up holding him as he cries, which is decent, human, and loving, but def not what either had in mind for their night.

After that, they wind up swapping stories over scoops of ice cream straight out of the tub. On again! Deacon opens up about his childhood and the abuse he endured. Lying together, they end up doing something more intimate than sex: real talk.

In the morning, it’s suddenly off again. Jessie’s expecting him to call it quits, but that’s not happening. Instead, he says something very sweet: “I felt close to you and that’s something I never thought I was going to feel ever again. Please don’t give up on me”

Across town Juliette and Avery are having difficult conversations, too. Avery tries to talk to her about her child rape and the trauma she’s processing, but the conversation turns to Darius. The spin Darius has delivered to Juliette is that everything could have been different for her if it weren’t for that one terrible experience.

Sorry, but that’s just not how it works. The sad fact is most of Juliette’s childhood was rough. That was a heinous, life changing experience, but had it not happened, she would have been scarred in different ways by different experiences. Playing What If like that is a losing game.

The one positive Darius has suggested is for Juliette to give back and work with children who have endured terrible trauma and loss. Sounds great, right? Then Darius is like, oh, BTW, it’s in:

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Annnd, BTW, she’s to leave in a few days. Like, how did he even arrange any of this? Sounds very Hostel-ish. This shouldn’t need to be said, but if a man you just met wants to send you to Bolivia, don’t go.

It’s also Cults 101 to separate someone from their loved ones and that’s exactly what’s happening. Anything Avery says turns into a nasty fight. Finally, after his night away gigging with the band, it seems like things take a turn for the positive when Juliette wakes him on the couch and says she needs him, sealing their fight up with a kiss.

But when he wakes up, Juliette’s not snuggled under his blanket with him. Actually, she’s not anywhere. Just like that, Juliette has disappeared.

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