Nashville S6E4 Recap: The Boys Band Together

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Nashville S6E4 Recap: The Boys Band Together

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Russ Martin

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January 26, 2018

Do y’all have the Backstreet Boys playing on repeat in your head, too? Because Gunner, Will, and Avery have a glorious BSB moment this week that’s EVERYTHING. Our hearts will be tearin’ up for weeks.

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They even learned a little choreography! It’s wobbly, but beyond charming. 

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Who would have thought these three would make the perfect Nick, Kevin, and Brian? (We made the executive call you and your two fifth grade besties would have: no one has to be Howie or AJ.) 

Like any band worthy of their Behind Their Music special, the road to boy bandom for the guys is paved with bickering. The root of the drama? When they started performing together Will clearly silently elected himself the lead singer and leader of the band; the Diana Ross to Gunner and Avery’s Supremes.

Check them out realizing Will’s Ross’ing them:

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Then he calls Gunner out for his achy breaky emo songwriting and Avery has to step in as Switzerland, coming up with a strange chocolate and peanut butter analogy that works a little mostly just makes everyone crave Reese Pieces. 

It’s a pep talk from Deacon and an impassioned speech from Jessie that sets them on the right path. Deacon’s advice is dead simple – basically “have fun” – while Jessie’s pitch was the secret sauce. Country boy bands aren’t really a thing, but she convinces us they def should be.

TBH, it also makes us wonder how old she is. She has a 13-year-old, y’all...was she 25 when she was Mmmmbopping? That aside, she’s right. All three of these guys have already chased their country dreams. Why not sell out for an album or two boy banding and cash out with trust funds for their kids? Or, at the very least, turn this side project into a boy band cover act.

Hands up if you’d be here for them taking on NKOTB, *NSYNC, and 1D covers next.

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While those three are tasting the glory of BSB, Scarlett’s off chasing a far different breed of healing. She’s started volunteering at a ranch dedicated to equine therapy that works with autistic children, addicts, terminally ill patients, and veterans. For weeks now, Scarlett’s been searching for something to bring her life meaning, and this might just be the thing.

So yes, Scarlett’s a Horse Girl, but not the kind you might be thinking of. To most, Horse Girls were the privileged few in middle school whose parents could afford to board at a fancy stable. Horse Girling came with fancy outfits, French braids, and impossibly perfect posture.

Scarlett was not that girl. She was the inverse breed: the kind of girl who rode Western, if she even rode with a saddle. In Nashville, like most rural places, Horse Girls are just regular girls. Country girls!

All of this is to say Scarlett’s detour into horse therapy (equine sounds too fancy) should be a judgement-free zone. This will be good for her.

Exhibit A: A real life My Little Pony
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Exhibit B: That smile! 
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Know who’s *not* smiling? Jake Maitland. Oy, that kid. Jessie’s son is as brooding and dark as ever. He’s like Gunner after a breakup. Daphne gets partnered up with him for the TV high school right of passage of slicing open a frog in science class, which ends in total disaster. Jake darts out of the class before the knife even hits the frog, and Daphne chases him, landing them both in detention. 

Worse still, Jake calls Deacon a rageaholic, which gets back to his mom via a Daphne to Maddie to Deacon to Jessie game of telephone. The kids sort it out in detention sans parental supervision and end on friendly terms. Daphne has a broody streak, too, and they’d actually probably make great friends. Maybe even great step-siblings? Let’s just hope their relationship veers towards Brady Bunch and not Cruel Intentions.

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Juliette, meanwhile, has been sucked further into Darius’ orbit. She’s highlighting his books like a first year university student and repeating his dime store philosophies verbatim. 

Avery tries to talk some sense into her but she’s just like…
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It’s easy to see how someone like Juliette could be enticed by Darius. He’s produced plenty of nuggets of truth, like “If you want to be successful in life, you have to change your story.”

But they’re more something you’d etch on a coffee shop chalkboard than mantras to live by. Juliette has her blinders on and can’t see what’s happen. She even ignores fits of screaming she hears at his centre. Like, Juliette, repeat this slowly: when you hear someone sobbing behind a closed door, you either go in and help them, or you get the hell out of there. Have you never seen a horror movie?

What follows really IS like something out of a horror movie: a “Witnessing” wherein a group of fellow followers surrounds her while she cries and relives her deepest, darkest trauma. Also: lots of candles.

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We learn Juliette’s mother involved her in some very twisted child sex work; an experience she’d totally blocked out. The revelation clicks a lot into place in terms of Juliette’s emotional scars. But as much as it invites empathy, it also explains her presence at the centre. Cults prey on people with this kind of spiritual trauma.

After the Witnessing, Darius says if she continues her work with him, she won’t be the same person when she’s through. To Juliette, that sounds promising. But for everyone else in her life, that’s exactly what to be afraid of.

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