Nashville S6E3 Recap: Deacon and Jessie Are Official Now

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Nashville S6E3 Recap: Deacon and Jessie Are Official Now

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Russ Martin

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January 19, 2018

Y’all, Juliette’s on the edge. When Darius swept into that sleepy hotel bar and scooped her out of her depression, it was more than a little suspicious. But with each step she takes into his new age faction, the clearer it becomes this detour into self-actualization is going to end in disaster.

It’s been less than two weeks since she discovered the “Movement For Coherent Philosophy” – which, BTW, can we get more vague? – and she’s already all in. Sorry, but what even IS Coherent Philosophy? Darius’ only answer is that the ideas may be older than civilization itself. Um... ??? K. And what about him telling Avery Juliette’s stuck in a cycle of self-destruction? Sure, he’s not *wrong* but that’s just not something you say about a guy’s wife the first time you meet him. How about the Movement For Basic Coherent Human Boundaries, Darius?
Either way, Juliette’s falling hook, line and sinker for this guy and can't see he's bad news. Avery has a normal, rational reaction to all the weird vibes of the Darius’ spiritual compound, which causes Juliette to pout he’s not down to guzzle back the Kool-Aid with her.

In a way, it’s hard to pass judgement on her impulses. She wants to better herself, spend more time with her family, and heal herself. Which, like, great. But all she’s really doing is regurgitating Darius’ doublespeak.

Bookmark it: isolation is Darius’ next play. He’s dropping little hints left and right about the people in her life. Don’t be surprised when the next step is keeping from anyone outside the fold – especially Avery.

Now, onto happier news...

Deacon + Jessie have reached the flirty text stage of their relationship. It’s oh-so-teenage and so sweet to see. If there’s anyone deserving of love in Nashville, it’s these two.

They decide not to tell the kids about their budding relationship but Daphne busts them on a coffee date. It’s uncomfy to say the least.

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When Deacon finally fesses up and talks to the girls about Jessie, they say they want him to be happy, but it’s clear Daphne’s feelings are more complex. It’s tough. Deacon does deserve to be happy. But Rayna hasn’t been gone very long and Daphne still has an incredible amount to process.

It may not matter either way, though, because Jessie calls the whole thing off. When oh when will their stopping and starting end?

Deacon does the right thing shows up on Jessie’s doorstep. Finally, they stop talking in circles and just kiss.

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If only these two would talk a little less. 

Now, guess who else is on a texting spree? Maddie and Jonah. Their flirt-mance have progressed past their first L.A. date to a group hang in a club. Guess Maddie’s got the keys to the VIP all of sudden now that she’s rolling with Jonah.

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The biggest red flag about Jonah so far, other than him standing Maddie up, is that he’s always rolling deep with a crew. He’s like a rapper, but his posse is a bunch of skinny white boys. And there’s definitely something suspicious about a guy who needs a pack of hype boys cheering him on all day and night.

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After a real Zayn and T-Swift moment recording a duet in the studio, they get mobbed by paparazzi and wind up the newest teen power couple on the celeb blogs. There’s apparently already a subreddit about how she’s not good enough for him. (TBH, it’s def the other way around.)

The whole thing freaks Maddie out and she totally curves him the next time she sees him.

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You’ve got to hand it to the kid, though. He’s persistent. He promises he’ll find a way for them to get to know each other away from prying eyes and he actually finds it. Senior’s bingo!

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It’s an adorable date. These two are worth rooting for.

Know who else is? Will and his new gym fling Dan. Zach’s apparently hatched a plan to run for the senate and tries to skip town without so much as saying bye to Will. Will, meanwhile, blocked Zach after accidentally liking a picture of him and his new bae. RELATABLE!

Will gets exactly none of the closure he’s after during his final run-in with Zach. It’s icy. To be honest, though, it’s better to rip the band-aid off. Zach was never, ever right for Will. Who knows if this newbie will be, but at least he’s getting over Zach by getting over someone else. (Yes, we learn this week Will’s definitely a top.)

The best part of it all, though, is when Gunner busts in on their make-out sesh.

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Gunner also busts in on him shooting himself with steroids, which, TMI, is causing him to uhhh, not perform.

A word to the wise, Will. Ditch the roids, keep the guy.

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