Nashville S6E2 Recap: Juliette and the Movement

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Nashville S6E2 Recap: Juliette & The Movement

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Russ Martin

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January 12, 2018

Nashville has a new supergroup on its hands. Just last week we wrote that we want to see more of Will and Gunner on stage together. This week, voila! We got our wish.

In an effort to pull Gunner out of his post-Scarlett slump, Will convinces him to tag team another gig. And Gunner looks so happy playing with Will, we almost forget about his silly new blond hair. They both have an incredible time actually, so much so decide to bring Avery into the mix to form Nashville’s answer to Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. (If they’re Crosby, Stills, and Nash, maybe Deacon can be Young?)

When he protests he’s too busy with his own band – really, when was the last we heard from Avery’s band? – they literally rope him into it. Well, they try to...

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The intervention-turned-kidnapping goes off without a hitch. They even Yelp a babysitter for Cadence who shows up to the impromptu gig. Kicking off with a little Waylon Jennings, they’re an immediate hit. Especially with Cadence! 

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For the first time in a while, all three of these guys are legitimately having a blast. Their sad-boys-get-happy-club works like a charm. Once again, the men of Nashville prove themselves to be loyal, reliable friends. Their relationships are less complicated than, say, the dynamic we once saw between Juliette and Rayna, but it’s still heartening to see how much these guys lift each other up when they’re down.

While the three music-keteers are living out their country boy band dreams, Scarlett is paralyzed by the thought of making music again. After a performance that seemingly went off without a hitch, she winds up in tears backstage. Then Deacon sets her up with a lowkey guitar swap, but even that low-key environment proves to be too much.

She makes it to the swap, but bails right before she’s set to go on.

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What gives? As she later explains to Deacon, Scarlett’s not sure why she’s doing music now that she’s not helping Gunner chase his dream. Fair enough. Scarlett’s got natural talent, but if music’s not making her happy, maybe it’s time for her to do something else.

She's been searching for meaning in her life since well before her and Gunner split. She found some with Nadia, the teenager she helped coax out of a dark depression, but perhaps it wasn’t the music that helped Nadia, but Scarlett herself. And maybe Scarlett’s gift isn’t just to make people heal through music. Maybe she can do it in other ways too.

While all of this is going down, Deacon and Jessie are playing an uncomfortable game of phone tag trying to set up a date. First Jessie bails, citing Mom Duty, then calls back the next day with an apology and asks to cash in on the rain check.

Once they arrive for dinner, things get even more awkward. All their chemistry somehow evaporates the second they're on an actual date. Maybe it has something to do with the fact they sit a football field away from each other?

Or maybe it's just nerves. They decide to be “just friends” before the meal even arrives, but when Deacon drops her off, he finally cuts the crap and makes a move. The date ends with an epic kiss. FINALLY!

The look Jessie gives Deacon in the carpool line the next day lets us know this isn’t the last we’ve seen of this couple.

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While sparks are flying with Nashville’s newest couple, its longest standing, Avery and Juliette, are facing turbulence. Avery wants Juliette to see a therapist, which is a really good idea, but she’s planning to fix all her problems with Darius instead, which is a really bad idea.

She gets a tour of the “Intentional community” where Darius’ followers live and findsout they give 30% of their income to the organization. The grounds of their commune might as well be flanked with rows of red flags.

Juliette gets roped into working on a construction site for an affordable housing project with a few of Darius' followers, who treat her like a normal person, not a star. The red flags are waving, but for now this “organization” is actually giving Juliette a useful experience. Being treated like a normal person is probably exactly what she needs. But when the Kool-Aid comes out, she’s got to click her heels twice and get the heck out of this colony.

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The time to do that may come sooner than later. When Juliette finally meets with Darius, after her overnight (!) stay, he tells her that her family is so close to her they’re “invested in her staying exactly who she is” and that it’s hard to break old habits in old environments.

Isn’t one sleepover in a little early for this cult to be making its ditch-your-family pitch? For all the good Juliette’s day pitching may have done her, when they start talking about her family, that’s crossing a “Let me tell you about Xenu...” line. Just how seriously Juliette took it all, we’ll have to see. We know she returns home to Avery and Cadence, but we’ll have to wait until next weekend to find out what she says upon her return.

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