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Nashville S5E7 Recap: Deacon & Rayna's Great Escape

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Russ Martin

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February 10, 2017

Rayna and Deacon have an epic love story, but they stumble this week as they try to channel it into songs for their duets record. Their false starts are made worse under the microscope of Gene, a filmmaker Zach Welles hired to document the making of the album. The doc sounds great, but Rayna and Deacon are no reality TV couple. They aren’t even a highbrow docuseries couple. Tired of Gene’s gaze, Rayna and Deacon ditch him for an impromptu date. Then, when they realize they’re being followed by his car, they swerve off on the highway and pull into a back alley like Juliette fleeing the paparazzi.

After their great escape, they go bowling and spend the night giggling and making out like teenagers. They actually kiss up against the back of the bowling alley like kids who snuck out of their parents houses and are living it up before they’re grounded for life. It’s tawdry, but it’s sweet because it’s Deacon and Rayna; parents on a rare night out, still totally in love with each other.

The date night isn't the cure for writer’s block, though – a big fight is. Deacon suggests they write separately and Rayna accuses him of quitting on her. Then they both stay up all night writing alone. In the morning they realize what they’ve each written works perfectly together. They cut the song and spend the whole recording session staring lovingly at each other. The duets album is officially back on track!

Meanwhile, The Exes have a hit on their hands. The music video for “All of Me” garners more than a million views, turning the spotlight on Scarlett and Gunnar. Kathy Lee and Hoda swing by for a cameo, bringing The Today Show to Nashville to film a segment with The Exes.

Afterwards, Scarlett and Damien go for dinner and he finally gives her a proper apology for how he treated her on set. But all he gets in return is a half-hearted clink of a champagne flute.

Under her mistrust of him, though, Scarlett has feelings for Damien. He intrigues her and brings out a part of her she’s never seen in herself. Before Damien leaves town, he runs into Scarlett at Highway 65. She offers him a very official-feeling handshake; a final gesture to show she accepts his apology.

But when they hug, they get all tied up in eye contact and Damien goes in for a kiss. It’s just a peck, but had Gunnar been standing across the street, he would have been heartbroken.  

Scarlett does the right thing and tells Gunnar she felt something for Damien. He gets upset, even though he’s put her through remarkably similar situations. Scarlett looks him dead in the eye and says: “I am with YOU. Does that mean anything to you?” Something’s changed inside of Scarlett – she’s finally standing up for herself and saying how she feels. They make up, but the Damien saga is far from over.

Just as Scarlett and Gunnar are back on track, we get a final twist: Damien texts Scarlett to tell her he never left Nashville and needs to see her. Whatever happens next, there’s trouble ahead.