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Nashville S5E6 Recap: Juliette Goes to Church

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Russ Martin

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February 3, 2017

When we last left Scarlett, she was in a rough place. The director for The Exes’ music video, Damien, put her through hell during the shoot. Then this week we saw the final cut’s actually pretty great. (!!!) Scarlett looks like a beautiful '40s film siren. The shoot felt tawdry and totally wrong for The Exes, but after Scarlett blew up at him, Damien produced a final cut that’s softer, smarter and truer to who Scarlett is than she could have ever expected.

She’s genuinely touched when she sees the direction he took the video. Instead of the gyrating sex pot she was worried about, Scarlett sees a complex, layered version of herself with deep pain and wild humour – and she loves it.

Rayna, however, is still in the middle of a giant mess. After her stalker showed at Highway 65, the cops arrested him and she took out a restraining order. This week she hires a security expert and fills her home with cameras and alarms, but the police tell her they can’t keep him in jail. Then her worst nightmare comes true: he shows up at Daphne’s school. He tries to give her a letter, not harm her, but Rayna’s still rightly shook. And while Rayna now has legal recourse, this is surely not the last we’ve seen of him.

Daphne, meanwhile, is totally unfazed. Actually, she’s just boy crazy. She’s got a love interest! There’s a boy at her school named Flynn Burnett who has a crush on her. They’re all googly eyes and flirty texts and it’s super cute. Rayna has serious problems at hand at the moment, but she and Deacon will soon have a whole host of new concerns: they have two teenage daughters with love on the brain.

Speaking of Maddie, the on-again off-again nature of her relationship with Clay is starting to feel very Avery and Juliette. How many times can these two break up and get back together? They just met! This time, Clay breaks it off on a voicemail. A VOICEMAIL! Then, right away, they’re back on again. Maddie finds Clay busking and he kisses her. It feels like a victory, but after the voicemail incident, is Clay still worth rooting for?

After a string of setbacks, Juliette’s starting to show real growth. The people her accident brought into her life are doing her a world of good. When her nurse opens up to her about her own struggle as a trans woman, Juliette shows her supportive side – and it looks good on her. With her “angel” Hailie, we see a softer, warmer Juliette. And as she finds a sense of community in Hailie’s church, she’s showing a newfound openness. When she’s in the crowd at church and sings along, “I sing because I’m happy,” it’s believable. 


When was the last we saw Juliette this happy? Even when news breaks that Juliette’s going to church and a tabloid journalist says she’s “hoping church will do what rehab couldn’t,” Juliette’s undeterred. She puts on her Sunday’s best and hobbles triumphantly past the paparazzi back into the church.

After all Juliette’s been through, it feels like a supreme victory.


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