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Nashville S5E5 Recap: Scarlett Dresses Up and Breaks Down

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Russ Martin

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January 27, 2017

Scarlett has a major Taylor Swift moment on Nashville this week. The Exes film a deluxe daydream of a video, complete with Swiftian mood swings and finger waves. The director, Damien, who comes via Zach Welles, has Scarlett in a slipdress come hithering all over the mansion, crawling on a table and smashing wine glasses.

It’s pretty fabulous, but it’s not right for Scarlett or The Exes. The Exes are an earnest, authentic act and Scarlett’s a sweet, buttoned-up singer. She’s not the type to throw on a slip and tie her boyfriend to the bed. Damien can’t see that, or at least chooses not to. And he doesn’t understand Gunnar, either – he sticks him in eyeliner, suspenders and a bow tie like he’s Pete Wentz.

Scarlett stands up for herself and calls Damien out on his male privilege. She gives him a total dressing down in front of the crew, lecturing him on his “screwed up views about women being secret sexpots.” Scarlett’s a quiet soul, but she has backbone and it was a delight to see it. Fair warning to guys like Damien: do not rattle her cage. Until the video release, the jury’s out on whether Damien’s vision succeeded, but however it turns out, it was nice to see Scarlett stand up for herself.

Meanwhile, Maddie is off riding in cars with boys. Well, with one boy: her super cute new love interest, Clay. They sit in Clay’s car listening to mixtapes and play a flirty game of Who Knows More About Country Music? Maddie can hold her own, but Clay exposes her to Nashville’s lesser known black history. Maddie goes in for a kiss, then Clay pulls back. He totally friendzones her. What’s going on with this guy?!

Clay says it’s because she’s underage, but there’s clearly more going on. Clay keeps dropping hints he’s had a hard upbringing and struggled against adversity, but Maddie’s blind to the class and culture divide between them. Finally, he tells her plainly he’s nervous about the fact that Maddie’s white. She argues race shouldn’t be an issue, but whether she wants to see it or not, the divide between them is real.

Maddie’s confronted with the reality of Clay’s experience as a young black man in Nashville the next day when he gets into a fight with two white guys and she finds him bloody and bruised.

At the hospital, he also reveals he’s bipolar but off his medication. Clay tries to get Maddie to leave, insisting she’ll be better off without him. But she’s willing to accept him problems and all – and eventually, Clay comes around, too. The next day, he shows up on Rayna and Deacon’s doorstep and introduces himself to them.

This one’s a keeper!

Over at Highway 65 Records, Rayna and Bucky something’s up with Randall (FINALLY!), Rayna raids his desk and finds her missing keepsake from her daughters.

When they confront him, Randall starts to cry and claims he just wanted something special of Rayna’s. Bucky does a handwriting test with him and decides Randall’s not the stalker.

As it turns out, the stalker is someone we haven’t met yet. He shows up to Highway 65, shouting that he wants to see Rayna.

Who is this guy?? It turns out Randall was innocent all along – but Rayna’s still not safe. At least, not until the cops come. 


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