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Nashville S5E18 Recap: Under the Gun

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Russ Martin

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July 13, 2017

We need to talk about Flynn. At the risk of swooning too hard over a fictional – and underaged – character, let’s just go ahead and agree Flynn’s the absolute best and completely perfect for Daphne.

Young Daphne may have questionable taste in friends (bye, Liv!), but her taste in boys? Oh boy is it good.

While Maddie’s been fishing in a pool of totally-wrong-for-her bad boys, Daphne has bagged herself a lanky sweat-shirted sweetheart who looks like he walked right off the set of Stranger Things.

Like we said: perfect.

This week Flynn invites Daphne to what turns out to be a parent-less party full of eighth graders aggressively making out and dry humping, hopped up on sips of wine lifted from abandoned liquor cabinets.

The grinding is uncomfortably intense. 

Daphne’s totally freaked out, but Flynn handles the situation perfectly. They hang out on their own and talk about The Night of the Living Dead, then head outside to swing idly on an old swingset.

As far as teenage courtship goes, it’s about as starry-eyed as it gets.

Meanwhile, the adults in Nashville, are all caught up in much more complicated, thorny types of love. Take Avery and Juliette, who are tackling their co-dependency and working not to fall back into patterns that have led them astray in the past.

Avery heads out on tour opening for Dierks Bentley, but he’s full of trepidation because Cadence is starting to walk and talk and he’s going to miss so many firsts. (BTW, Cadence’s first full sentence is “Give me milk” – Alyssa Green needs to get that kid a Got Milk ad!)

Then there are the temptations of the road. The first night in, Avery meets a flirty bartender who snatches his phone away from him mid-call with Juliette and invites herself up to his room. Avery remains loyal, but the lure of closing down lobby bars and meeting beautiful bartenders still clearly has a pull on him.

Then there’s Deacon, who still has the ghost of Rayna following him wherever he goes, even as a new love interest, Jessie, is pulled into his orbit. He gets tripped up this week when a charity, FosterMore, asks him for a piece of Rayna’s clothing to auction off. He can barely bare to enter her closer, which hasn’t been touched since she passed.

It’s actually Avery who consoles him, reminding him you can’t put a timeline on grief. Deacon is lucky to have Avery, who has become an unlikely voice or reason and shoulder to cry on since Rayna passed.

After their talk they share a bro hug that’s tender in its masculine fragility.

We also finally get to meet Jessie’s horrible ex-husband, the record label boss Brad Maitland, and he’s a real jerk. We learn the hot goss around Nashville: Jessie’s an “unfit mother who’s prone to irrational behaviour and uncontrollable rage.” At least that’s the story Brad’s been peddling around.

Jessie unloads the story on Deacon after Brad makes disparaging comments about their son in front of a table full of people at a FosterMore charity gala. Jessie and Deacon may have hit a rocky patch in their friendship last week, but they’re now getting very close very quick.

After their talk, Deacon plays Waylon Jennings’ “Dreaming My Dreams With You” in tribute to Rayna for the gala audience and when he finishes, there’s not a dry eye in the room.

Nashville newbie Alyssa proved herself last week with Will’s Budweiser ad, but her next big idea isn't so hot. She sells The Exes on an ad for “the Geico of furniture companies" Birchtree Habitat and they wind up with Vaseline smiles slapped on their faces, making googly eyes at each from across a baby crib.

Scarlett, step away from the baby crib. It is not a cute look to be making light of your baby daddy tabloid scandal. 

She ends up breaking down on set, gasping between tears, “My baby has not even been born yet and we’re already pimping her out for more Instagram followers.” (Fair point.)

She and Gunnar end up in a fight, then things go from bad to way, way worse. On the way home they stop to get milk and get into a fight in the parking lot outside the convenience store.

Gunnar’s interrupted just as he’s shouting that Scarlett doesn’t want to be with him by a group of teenagers who ask them to buy them liquor. When Gunnar tells them to scram, one of the kids pulls a gun.

He shoves Scarlett into their car and she tumbles to the ground. Then he pistol whips Gunnar and takes off, leaving the two of them stranded and traumatized in the parking lot.


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