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Nashville S5E16 Recap: Extra, extra! We've got a Scunnar scandal

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Russ Martin

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June 29, 2017

Extra, extra! Scarlett and Gunnar have usurped Bella Thorne and Scott Disick on the covers of all the celebrity weeklies. Scarlett’s baby bump is front page news, not just in Nashville, but all over the celebrity world.

They’re spotted shopping at a boutique by a gaggle of teen fans this week and when the fans post photos, Scarlett and Gunnar become unlikely tabloid fodder. They even have a couple name: Scunnar.

Let’s just go ahead and not use it...

After the news breaks Access Hollywood’s Maria Menounos invites Scarlett out for salads. She hones in on Damien and shares a secret to get Scarlett to let her guard down – Damien and Maria had an affair together.

When she sees Scarlett’s reaction, she pounces.

Poor Scarlett doesn’t even have a chance. She’s a terrible liar.

Scarlett tries not to respond, but the truth is written all over her face. Within a few hours, Maria’s talking about Scarlett and Damien on Access Hollywood, ensuring another week with Scarlett and Gunnar as country music’s very own Spencer and Heidi.

For another musician – say, Juliette – this kind of scandal would be little more than fodder to push a record, but for Scarlett, it’s a heartbreaker. All she wants is to have a normal life and a happy pregnancy.

She does get one exciting piece of pregnancy news, though. It’s a girl! Now let’s just hope Scarlett can return to preparing for motherhood and get her face off the tabloids…

Over at Deacon’s, Daphne and Maddie are in a sisterly cold war. Maddie discovers Liv was behind the nasty memes of her and kicks her out of the house. (Remember last week when we told you she was trouble?)

Deacon takes her cell phone for a month as punishment. What happened to good old fashioned Grounded For Life? Credit to Deacon where it’s due, though. When Daphne tries to snatch her phone back, he’s one step ahead of her.

Those dad moves!!

Deacon, once again, is stuck between a rock and a hard place. Or, rather, between two sullen teenagers. They say no man is an island, but what about a kitchen island?

Solitary indeed.

Eventually, Maddie stops icing Daphne out and does the sisterly thing. She apologises, unprompted by Deacon, and the girls have a heart to heart about missing Rayna. Maddie tells Daphne she needs her too much to lose her and they bury the hatchet.

They even visit Liv together and invite her to return to the house. She shoots them down even after Maddie apologises to her (which she had totally did not need to). So, at least for now, it looks like we’ve seen the last of Liv.

Meanwhile, Avery and Hallie are in the studio hard at work on Hallie’s big debut. Juliette is pushing her towards a radio sound, with a big anthemic pop crossover as the lead single, but neither Hallie nor Deacon are feeling it. When Deacon hears the track, he tells Juliette’s Hallie’s losing the authenticity of her as a roots performer that makes her special – and he’s completely right.

There are plenty of breakout stars who didn’t lean into the pop sensibilities of their time. Just look at Norah Jones, Jewel and Tracy Chapman. All three were smash-successes who came out of left field with a pure, distinct sound that transcended what was going on at radio at the time. With her sound, Hallie could do the same thing.

When Juliette loses that battle, she goes totally off of the rails. She accuses Hallie of playing Little Miss Perfect and having a master plan to steal Avery away from her.

Avery reminds her just a few weeks ago, she was basically stalking Hallie, trying to get her to be her friend. How could she think Hallie had some diabolical plan?

Or maybe Juliette really has sniffed something out. If not a master plan, then a subtle manipulation that even Hallie isn’t aware of.
Either way, Hallie is having none of it. And the studio time must be paying off because her clap back is lyrical:

You’ve got problems,
Lord knows we all do

But you don’t take them out
On the people who love you

She should probably write that one down. With the single Juliette pick out off the table, Hallie needs a new hit to lead the album with and she could very well be about to write that very song.