Nashville S5E14 Recap: A Stone Cold Hit

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Nashville S5E14 Recap: A Stone Cold Hit

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June 16, 2017

Last week we left Juliette on high note as she triumphantly took to the stage for the first time since her plane crash. That high was, unfortunately, short lived. This week we find Juliette in another rut, unable to find her next big hit.

Her career is in an undeniable slump. On the back of her gospel album flopping, she’s being passed up by songwriters for other country starlets and getting bumped off late night shows. She still has her fighting spirit, but she knows if she doesn’t produce a big hit fast, the door to the rest of her career may soon slam shut.

She’s got reason to worry: any perceived setback for a pop star can be career-ending, especially when it comes to an experiment or musical detour that didn’t pan out. Just look at Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP era – or what Katy Perry is going through right now

The pop world is fickle, even when it comes to country music. Juliette knows this and speaks the truth about the music business: “I’m a woman. Our comebacks don’t come until we’re too old to care.”

Desperate times call for desperate measures, but Juliette, in typical fashion, takes it way too far. She visits a songwriter, Travis, and when he asks her to pass along a demo of a “stone cold hit” to Maddie, she snags it for herself. She lies and tells Travis Maddie didn’t like it, then asks if she can record it instead.

This is the kind of thing that was expected of season one Juliette, but is she really still pulling this crap? Here’s what she should be doing instead: recording the song Nashville newbie Jessie Cane played this week at the Bluebird. It’s a total redemption song and in the eyes of the public, Juliette could use a little redemption.

Plus the lyrics perfectly suit what she’s been through: “I’ve been out of luck, I’ve been talked about, I’ve been locked up, I’ve been shut out. I’ve had some bad dreams. I’ve been filled with regret, I’ve made a mess of things. I’ve been a total wreck.”

While Juliette’s secretly stabbing her in the back, Maddie’s busy soaking in a major milestone of her young career: hearing her music on the radio for the first time.

She’s THRILLED and it's super sweet. “Saved” comes on and she literally jumps for joy.

But the celebration is sadly short lived. Coming home from a radio interview with Clay, they get pulled over, it seems, for Driving While Black. Maddie goes into vigilante activist mode, talking back to the cop and whipping out her phone to record him. Then two passersby see what’s going on and capture Maddie’s arrest on film.

It’s a telling moment that shows how differently Maddie and Clay experience the world. Clay’s calm, collected, and follows the cop’s instructions to the T. He informs him of his every move with precision, telling the officer when he’s going to reach to the glove box and undo his seatbelt. As he tells Maddie later, he knows one wrong move with the wrong cop could get him shot.

Maddie, by contrast, loses her temper the second they’re pulled over, then immediately lashes out. Her heart’s in the right place – Clay was being racially profiled – but she’s too naive to properly navigate the situation and she doesn’t heed Clay’s pleas to stop, calm down, and listen.

The episode exposes, again, differences between Clay and Maddie that are insurmountable, at least to Clay. After the video of the arrest goes viral and reporters start camping out at his house, Clay sits Maddie down and tells her they have to be just friends.

She’s heartbroken, but she gets good advice from Deacon: “When it comes to love, if it’s not meant to be, there’s nothing in the world that could make it happen. If it is, there ‘aint nothin’ in the world that can stop it.”

Over at Scarlett and Gunnar’s, a storm is rolling into town: Damien. He shows up on their doorstep manically happy,  offering Gunnar a hug.

After his initial reaction to the baby news, Damien’s done a total 180 and cooked up a Three’s Company meets The New Normal scenario in his mind in which he, Scarlett and Gunnar will all raise the baby together.

Oh, BTW, he’s named the baby Rupert. Rupert! Cue Gunnar eyerolls.

Then he drives them to a mansion (which he’s already putting an offer in on!) where he imagines his plan will go down. He’s somehow found a house fully furnished with a nursery and a closet full of baby clothes. (!!!)

The whole thing is weird and creeps Gunnar out. Scarlett is taken aback too, but she inexplicably kisses him anyways when Gunnar goes to “check out the yard.” Scarlet, why??

Damien sends them both into a tailspin. Gunnar gets defensive and short tempered, Scarlett gets aloof. The situation seems even worse than it would be had Damien just bowed out.

Eventually Scarlett comes to her senses and delivers Damien the hard truth: he is not the guy he’s imagining in the life he’s trying to pre-order. He’s not going to settle down and become a family man.

Then she walks away from him. And even though he calls out that he still loves her, she keeps walking.

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