Nashville S5E12 Recap: Test Results Are in and the Father is...

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Nashville S5E12 Recap: Test Results Are in and the Father is...

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Russ Martin

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June 2, 2017

Welcome back, Nashies! It has been three months since we last saw our pals in Tennessee and we have plenty of catching up to do. The ghost of Rayna James still hangs heavy over Nashville, but there’s lots to dig into even without our Queen of Country.

For starters, Daphne’s in a tough spot. The loss of Rayna has hit her hardest of all and she’s acting out. She’s flunking all her classes and putting Deacon through the wringer any time he tries to help.

When Deacon learns Daphne’s at risk of being held back, he finishes a school project for her (which, BTW, isn’t really helping her, but bless Deacon, he’s trying his best.)

Just when it looks like Daphne’s going to pull it all together, this happens:

Her solution is to skip out on school altogether, which leads her to a teenage palm reader who’s the second coming of My So Called Life’s Rayanne Graff. Right away, the dreadlocked Liv gets the two of them into a mess when she chucks her tip can at a rude passerby.

There’s no way this new friendship will end well. When Deacon gets the call Daphne’s missing from school, he freaks out and puts her in therapy. Rightly so – Daphne’s struggling from depression, but she’s also on the brink of teenhood and part of her bad girl turn is likely classic hormone-fed tween rebellion.

Maddie’s only bratty moment this week, by contrast, is throwing the bad reviews for Juliette’s latest record (they were way harsh) in her face during a studio session. Even then, though, she comes back around and apologizes. Maddie’s made nearly a full turn towards adulthood – or at least towards acting decent. Why can’t poor Deacon get the two of them well-behaved at once?

Once Maddie takes Juliette’s advice, the record she lays down is a total bop. “Saved” may just be a new Nashville classic…

Now, on to the Nashville Relationship Report:

Scarlett and Gunnar

With Damien out of town and out of the picture – at least for now – Scarlett and Gunnar are having another on-again moment. Things are tense between them, but they aren’t lashing out at each other and that’s nice to see.

This week we get the results on Scarlett’s paternity test and they're...not what either of them was hoping for. Gunnar is not the father.

Gunnar says all the right things, but it’s obvious he’s crushed. Later he makes a passionate plea to Scarlett, letting her know this doesn’t change anything – and hopefully he’s right.

Maddie and Clay

Clay fails the musical Pepsi Challenge Maddie gives him when she presents him two versions of her song: her’s and Juliette’s. He likes Juliette’s better, which disappoints Maddie, but it also leads her to the make the right decision.

These two young lovebirds seem good.

Juliette and Avery

Juliette and Avery are in the best place they’ve ever been. Avery’s taking care of her and as she continues rehabilitation and also gives her good advice about Maddie. What's more is she actually takes it. She’s even appreciative.

It’s a Nashville miracle!

Will and Zach

Will and Zach flirt their way towards the "What-are-we?" conversation. And it turns out, yes, they’re boyfriends. (!!!!)

Zach’s still an outsider in Nashville, especially at Highway 65, and it’s hard to get behind his ruthless business decisions (he wants to fire Bucky, for example. The audacity!). Nevertheless, Zach's got all the makings of a sweet boyfriend for Will.

He’s playing boyfriend-slash-number one fan and it’s pretty adorable. When he made this little gesture to Will from the crowd at his show, hearts melted.

And his I Want Will t-shirt? Super cute.

But Zach, come on: who doesn’t want Will?

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